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Evangelism and Holy War: Levinas’s ‘Face’

In his God and Philosophy, Emmanuel Levinas writes of one`s responsibility for his neighbor and viewing the face of that person. In reference to Levinas`s ideas on these matters, I will define the face as the summation of who a person is, and claim that evangelists and militant religious crusaders dissolve the face of the [...]

Observations from Observatory: Individuality from the US to Cape Town

CAPE TOWN – The United States emphasizes the individuality of people. The underlying ideals behind the political and economic systems of democracy and capitalism are that each individual has the opportunity to express his or her own beliefs on how the state should be run and to be able to delve into whatever professional venture [...]

Cartoon of the Day: Swine Flu

I found this simplistic little gem on cartoonstock.com.  The catchy name “Swine Flu” has been denounced by the US Department of Health as a misleading title that might end up hurting the pork industry.  Does nobody have a heart for the alphanumeric industry? – Scott Bufis Editor

My Cup Runneth Over: The Church at the Well in Wake Forest, NC

April 22, 2009 Scott Bufis The high E-string catches under a loose thirteenth fret producing a shrilly tink as my hand grazes over the six strings. I stop the song for a moment, pull the string out from under the defected piece of brass, and continue as though the interruption never occurred. As I lift [...]

NPR: Perspectives on Marijuana Legalization

What If Marijuana Were Legal? Possible Outcomes by John Burnett Listen to the audio! All Things Considered, April 20, 2009 · There’s a surge of public interest in legalizing marijuana as a partial answer to a host of problems. Last week, Mexico’s congress debated legalizing cannabis as a way to undermine cartel income. And when [...]

Is Your Church Struggling?

ORMOND BEACH – My church is struggling financially.  It is a major denomination and the word is that most of the churches in that denomination are in the same boat.  Further I’m told, other denominations are suffering too and it’s because of the ECONOMY!We just went through a significant reduction in staff and one casualty [...]

Filmmaker Rodrigo Diaz’s “Havana Surf” (republished from Sept. 08)

“Havana Surf” is a documentary about the surfing culture in Cuba. Surfing’s material and political issues struggle as well as the exploration of its un-surfed swells.

“Zombie Strippers” tonight on Spike TV

In the not too distant future a secret government re-animation chemo-virus gets released into conservative Sartre, Nebraska and lands in an underground strip club.

Jim Sleeps on My Couch: The Then and Now of Homelessness in St. Augustine

ST. AUGUSTINE – Jim sleeps on my couch, a product of my giving nature and admitted naiveté. I used to give a dollar to the homeless guy on the corner who consistently requests a specific amount of change – something like 24 cents rather than a quarter – outside the Lil’ Champ. Now my living [...]

Why Newspapers Are Failing

ORMOND BEACH – Today, Easter Sunday, while I’m watching how Navy Seals got our Merchant Mariner back from Somali pirates, I look and my local waste of paper did this.  On the “Ideas” page, or the editorial page for traditional readers, the lead editorial is entitled “history” with a ragged hooded cloak labeled “torture” hanging [...]