On Paypal’s Policy Change

PayPal Headquarters

Dear Editor, I see that Paypal has updated their policies. One of the changes that struck me explains: PayPal will give notice of a hold, Reserve, or limitation it makes to comply with a court order or other legal process, unless the court order or other process directs that PayPal not provide you notice, in […]

Undercover Video Reveals Military Instructors’ Cruelty to Animals in VA

injured goat

In an email message, PETA asks supporters to stand for replace the use of animals in military trauma training with the superior non-animal training methods available. Dear Editor, Today, PETA has blown the lid off highly secretive U.S. military training exercises in which more than 10,000 live animals are violently mutilated each year. As a result […]

Save Sea Turtles

Dear Editor, We all know that each year, Florida’s residents and millions of tourists benefit from resources and recreation on our public conservation lands. And it’s our diverse landscape and wildlife that help to make Florida such a wonderful place to live and a top destination. For years, the Florida Forever program has set aside money […]

Planned Parenthood Activists to Fight the War Declared on Women’s Healthcare in Florida

“Dear Editor, This week almost 200 Planned Parenthood Activists from across Florida rallied at the Capitol.  Coming from all corners of the state; students, mothers, fathers, and grandparents rallied on the Historic Capitol Steps and met with lawmakers to urge them to prioritize expanding access to affordable, quality healthcare, instead of attacking women’s health and rights. […]

Floridians Deserve the Absolute Best!

“Dear Editor, As I’ve been traveling in Orlando and around the state, I’ve heard Floridians from every corner say one thing, “We need elected officials who really know what it is to live and to make ends meet in this tough economy.” As your next Congresswoman, you can count on me to be your voice. […]