Guy’s Guys Using Anti-aging Skin Care?


  Guy’s Guys Using Anti-aging Skin Care? by Betsy Smith Who says only women want to look younger?  The hot-anti aging market has expanded to men and is booming!  In fact around 20% of men are already using some kind of skin cream.  And there is no question that men understand the business opportunities related […]

Beauty & Health Go Hand-in-Hand!


  Now…I know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone even need a tan in the state of California? I mean, isn’t it simply a given that you have that nice coloring because of the constant rays of sunshine that exist in that area of the world?  Well…not exactly.  And Thousand Oaks is just one of […]

The All-Natural Flu Shot, The Immune System

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Side Effects of Flu Vaccination As summer ends, the 2012 Flu Season quickly approaches; with “Get Your Flu Shot” signs appearing everywhere, Millions of Americans will flock to their primary physician begging for that annual “stick in the arm.” While some get their Flu Shot to avoid debilitating symptoms, others shun the compulsory behavior. Dr. […]

Better Way + Bill Henderson = Good Health!


Better Way + Bill Henderson = Good Health!   Better Way Health is a company that we’ve been talking about for a few months now – a company that has taken readers by storm. In fact, the products offered on have not only proven to be necessities, but have also been proven to be […]

Where Is The Bull’s-Eye In Direct Selling?

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  Where Is The Bull’s-Eye In Direct Selling? by Carolyn Walker Couple this with: In the Nerium communication Center- under News Letters- Nerium DSN Article Nerium International has found it— with their ground breaking night cream-Nerium AD. The clinical trials that this cream was put through allow the company to make some lofty claims— like […]

The TAN Company is Yet Another ‘Perfect’ Franchise Opportunity


  The TAN Company is Yet Another ‘Perfect’ Franchise Opportunity in the Bam Brands Health & Beauty Empire!   Over the past few months we have introduced readers to a seriously fantastic franchise called, MassageLuXe (and their sister company, FaceLuXe). Each and every one of you even took a ‘summer road trip’ with myself, daughter […]

5 Ways to Make a Smooth Transition to Assisted Living

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Once you’ve made the decision to move your loved one into an assisted care facility, your job isn’t over. Your loved one will undoubtedly be stressed about having to pick up and move house, and you should do whatever you can to make the move less overwhelming. Here are five ways that you can make […]

The Foundation of Nerium


  The Foundation of Nerium by Carol Kimball Anti-aging skin creams are abundant in today’s cosmetic marketplace.  What makes Nerium AD different? Use of the Nerium oleander plant has been identified in ancient texts and folklore for more than 1,500 years, but it wasn’t until the last century that the scientific community took interest in […]

What in the world are “REAL” results?


  What in the world are “REAL” results? by Carol Kimball In the world of anti-aging skin care, hype and marketing claims abound, with few results.  What if a company could prove that their science works?  What if they got real people to try their product?   Finally, a breakthrough product has been created that provides […]

Learn More…With Better Way Health

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Learn More…With Better Way Health   Every week we speak about a product from In fact, one of the main things we’ve spoken about is the practically miracle supplement called Beta Glucan. This is one of those things that everyone is starting to realize is a ‘must-have’ in order to live longer, healthier lies. […]