Greenin’ Up Your Backyard or Deck (Especially Small Spaces)

Garden on the Deck

Would you like to make your tiny city backyard an oasis AND a garden? Would you like to do this with recycling in mind, lessening your carbon footprint, and discover a way to eat organic vegetables, cultivated from your leftovers? We have some simple and effective ideas for you. If you are doing container planting, […]

Homeowners Stop Needless Spending with ClimateMaster


There are issues, troubleshooting, that comes with the gas furnace. There are maintenance issues that come with the rickety air conditioner that seems to constantly break down on days when it’s needed the most. With propane, the ever-fluctuating costs to heat the American home makes this source of energy one of the worst choices possible. […]

Feed Those Birdies the Green Way


It’s finally spring—maybe summer where you live, but a wonderful time of year to attract the birds to your yard, have a glass of wine while you view their interactions and feeding, and to make sure you have a nice dose of nature in your very own backyard.  A wonderful way to attract these charming […]

Geothermal Versus Traditional Energy


ClimateMaster Shows Homeowners the Ultimate in Savings! For those who are unaware, ENERGY STAR appliances, such as energy efficient refrigerators, furnaces, air conditioners, heating systems – all of these are necessary for a homeowner to utilize. ClimateMaster, the company with over fifty years experience in helping homeowners achieve lower utility bills and a higher resale […]

How Can You Help Save the Sea Turtles


150 million years is a long existence, to say the least. It is the sea turtle that owns that distinction, yet they are being threatened more and more every day. When one problem is solved, another issue seems to hit the news immediately. Sea turtles have seen their share of damage. From poachers to oil […]

The Green Minute: 2013 Energy Pledge


With a little over 11 months left till 2014, you can still resolve to make 2013 an eco-friendly year. Last week, the Department of Energy (DOE), as part of the National Day of Service (Jan.19th) and 57th Inauguration celebration asked people to make a 2013 Energy Pledge. As a regular Green Register reader, you know […]

The Green Minute: Make Your Kids Energy Efficiency Masters


For today’s Green Minute, we are focusing on a few very simple tips that can help your children become energy efficiency “masters.” From our good friends at the Alliance to Save Energy, these tips are about getting your children involved in your efforts to save electricity. They are easy, fun and save money. Below is […]

The Green Minute: Where to Find Clean Jobs


Today’s Green Minute is about “Clean Jobs” and the exciting new website and infographic our friends at the Ecotech Institute have produced to help people find an eco-friendly job. Visit and explore Ecotech Institute’s - Clean Jobs Index website. Bookmark it. Share it with friends on social media. Below is the press release from Ecotech Institute announcing […]

The Green Minute: Your Green Travel Checklist


Here at The Green Register, our staff and writers are constantly on the road traveling and promoting sustainability. Last week, one of our writers asked us to find a good “checklist” of eco-friendly travel tips to help him travel sustainably before, during and after his trip. We were fortunate to find a good list at the Environmental […]

The Green Minute: Chris Rock and Naomi Campbell Promoting Green Living


Today’s Green Minute features our final installment Live Earth PSAs that were produced 5 years ago describing ways individuals can conserve energy and take eco-friendly actions.  The featured PSAs today come from comedian Chris Rock and model Naomi Campbell. Check them out: Chris Rock: Saving Energy by Keeping Air in Your Tires Naomi Campbell Promotes Green Roofs […]