The ‘Green’ Above Conserves Energy


  The ‘Green’ Above Conserves Energy  by Sharon Coral It may seem odd to some, but owning a living roof is one of the greatest ways to give back to the environment. (Not to mention, one of the coolest things to have on your dwelling).   There are more and more buildings going up across […]

Protecting Your Watershed Increases Property Values


  Protecting Your Watershed Increases Property Values  By Lucy Hunt Water is the number one thing this globe needs in order to survive. When we speak about saving the environment, we need to remember that it is not only the habitats or the wildlife we need to think about. Although the earth has a constant […]

Magic Versus Innovation: A Look at Geothermal Energy


  Magic Versus Innovation: A Look at Geothermal Heating & Cooling  Harry Potter – an innovative magician who took readers across the globe by storm. Geothermal heating and cooling – an innovative idea created in 1945 that’s now taking America by storm.   There are differences between innovation and magic, of course. Although when it […]

Green Things to Do in the Office

Green Office Participant

  By Trish Elliot If you have influence over a large office, bring these ideas to your boss, and offer to institute them, or make sure they take place: they will both reduce your office’s carbon imprint and save your company money. Even if you have a very small office, the following ideas will make […]

For Boeing ‘Green’ May Not be a Dream


  For Boeing ‘Green’ May Not be a Dream by Steven Richardson The headlines are everywhere. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been plagued by problems from the very beginning of its existence, and it seems that the problems are going to continue.   Although this airplane came about in order to provide new solutions for […]

Traditional HVAC, Propane, Gas: Out


  Traditional HVAC, Propane, Gas: Out ClimateMaster Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems: In By Henry Morse Yes, traditions are a great thing. From the family Thanksgiving to the Super Bowl, traditions are a solid part of the American culture. However, when it comes to the heating and cooling of a person’s home – whether it […]

Audubon Society Continues Strong


   Audubon Society Continues Strong  By Cindy Haynes In the past year everything from climate change to the combo of Wind and Wildlife to the loss of habitats and the overcrowding of others, has occurred. And although there are a slew of organizations that focus on these subjects, and who work to make sure that […]

Recyclable Crafts


The possibilities for making interesting, useful items for your home are almost inexhaustible, but below are some ideas to inspire you to stretch out and create your own multiple uses for items around the house, living green at the same time. The Ever-Tree: This crafty tree, created out of shipping and cardboard boxes, can be […]

ClimateMaster Provides Money-Saving Comfort to the Homeowner


Saving money is at the top of the homeowner’s list. But finding a way to not only save money but receive extra comfort and relaxation at the same time, is almost impossible. However, there is one item out there that will do just that: ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems improve the daily life of […]

ClimateMaster Makes the Hot Summer a Breeze


  When choosing to install an HVAC system that is highly efficient and will lower your electric bill, it’s important to note that the old, traditional methods of air conditioning simply don’t work. Not only is the rickety swamp cooler or air conditioner not able to cool the house comfortably, but the high amounts of […]