Green Tip: How inefficient is your HVAC system exactly


Imagine your home on a blistering summer day with no AC or in the dead of winter with no heater. Based strictly on comfort, it’s a very good thing we have the luxury of both these systems. But your wallet might have a different perspective. Within most buildings, the heating and air conditioning systems consume […]

Beach Blvd Anastasia Island

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Do you have anything on the last green space on the Island called, Hammock Dunes? The City is having another meeting Nov. 7th about this last green space. Regency Developers owns Publix Shopping Center and they want to extend their store plus more concrete, dune gone forever and of course beautiful live Oak Trees!! St. […]

Attention Businesses! It is Time For Green Design!

Attention Businesses!  It is Time For Green Design!   As we’ve spoken about over the past month, The Green Register is a truly fantastic website that brings all things ‘green’ into our universe.  However, what readers must also know is that The Green Register is also a brilliant voice for the modern world.   It […]

Gulf Coast Task Force Releases Ecosystem Restoration Strategy For Public Review

CONTACT EPA Press Office 202-564-4355 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 5, 2011 Gulf Coast Task Force Releases Ecosystem Restoration Strategy For Public Review Agenda outlines blueprint for reversing decline of Gulf Coast ecosystem WASHINGTON – The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force, chaired by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, today released for public […]

The Green Register!

The Green Register! Get a Look at All This Remarkable Online News Service  Provides The Green Register is, quite simply, the best online green magazine in the world today.  The Green Register was begun to offer everyone – consumers and businesses – the latest information on green and eco-friendly products and services, as well as […]

Begin to Uncover the World of “Green Building Science”

Begin to Uncover the World of “Green Building Science” Through The Remarkable Online Newspaper – The Green Register We have recently spoken about the incredible online publication that offers consumers and businesses the chance to learn, communicate, educate, and purchase the latest in products and services that are eco-friendly, nature friendly, and green called, The […]

Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation Wow! The Company You’ll Keep!

Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation Wow!  The Company You’ll Keep! Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC) is a subject we just can’t stop talking about…and shouldn’t.  Over the past few months we’ve been studying this organization’s amazing wealth of expeditions, and the hard work that these teams of scientists and adventurers do in order to […]

June 11-12: St. Augustine Fun For The Weekend

Saturday: June 11 2011 FOUNTAIN MERCURY KING BUSTER 400 Put your fishing skills to the test in the premiere Southern Kingfish competition of the year – with over $175,000 in cash and prizes! The tournament starts from St. Augustine Municipal Marina, located at Avenida Menendez and the Bridge of Lions. The King Buster 400 is […]

Ripple Effect Ecotours Offers Summer Kayaking Opportunities

Great summer kayaking opportunities await and locals and repeat customers can call us to makereservations with a 10% discount through the month of June! Our own Danny Lippi, Master Naturalist Instructor and guide who has been with Ripple Effect sinceday 1 has been voted Flagler County Hospitality Hero! Here’s an except from the article in […]

Welcome Turtlesafe: SAFE for turtle viewing


People are as fascinated with sea turtles as much as turtles (adult sea turtles and young hatchlings) are attracted to and disoriented by white light during nesting or egg laying season. The plight of the sea turtle is precarious, since nesting females could abandon a nest site before laying her eggs and hatchlings instinctively head […]