The Green Minute – Green Resolutions for New Year


Tomorrow is New Year’s Day and to help you “ring in” the new year, the Green Minute will feature 5 simple resolutions a day for the next 3 days from the Natural Resource Defense Council’s “Simple Steps” website. Here are today’s five resolutions: 1. Avoid Waste: Recycle – Cost: $0 For every trash can of […]

Energy Saving Tips for Winter


Today’s Green Minute comes from the energy company Georgia Power. This week, the company prepared its customers for the first real cold weather this winter, with a list of simple energy and money saving tips. Below is their list of 10 items you can use as a checklist. The Georgia Power “winter approaching” energy saving checklist: […]

The Green Register Has Always Given Us a Merry Christmas!


Throughout the year, The Green Register is the place where everyone finds the latest information on the best ways for our society to ‘go green.’ From the best in tools, services, products and companies that are working each and every day to save our planet and better our lives, to the latest in government laws […]

All I Want for Christmas is the Beauty All Around!


Okay, we all know that the ‘sappy’ articles arrive during the holiday season. But when you truly think about it, it’s those sappy articles that remind us of how lucky we are to be alive, to be celebrating yet another close to yet another year that was filled with (hopefully) happiness and triumphs found along […]

Silence, Comfort, Warmth & Environmentally Sound:


  Silence, Comfort, Warmth & Environmentally Sound: It’s rare that a company comes along with a product line that’s not only needed and desired by contractors, architects, interior designers, as well as the ‘do-it-yourselfer’ who has a remodeling project that must be done well, but also provides a product line that makes the work easier, […]

For Design, Building & Architectural Companies LEED Takes the Lead!


  For Design, Building & Architectural Companies LEED Takes the Lead!   With a company coming to my attention recently – MP Global Products and their QuietWalk flooring system – the work that designers, contractors and building companies are doing is growing more and more inspiring as the years roll on. This is one industry […]

Empowering Women to Light Up Guatemala with Solar Power

Guatemala solr project

Empowering women through education and technical training has been a major focus of humanitarian work across the globe. The Appropriate Technology Collaborative (ATC) is raising funds for an important project of this type in Guatemala. As reported by the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs, this project called “Circuits and Solar”, will teach the essentials of solar […]

Both Indoors & Out The Green Register Celebrates the Beauty of Thanksgiving!


  Both Indoors & Out The Green Register Celebrates the Beauty of Thanksgiving!   The ‘colors’ of Thanksgiving are absolutely stunning! The fall colors outside, with the leaves changing and the air crisp and clean, is perfection. While inside…the scents and colors boggle the mind as the golden turkey, the colorful stuffing, the sparkling greens, […]

Innovation, Creation, Ingenuity – The Need for QuestMark!


  Innovation, Creation, Ingenuity – The Need for QuestMark!   No matter what the gripes and whines may be, one thing will never change about this country; the fact that we are a group of individuals who are always building or creating something new and original. This is called “innovation,” and as a country we […]

Unpredictable Climate Changes In The Northern Hemisphere


    While it is true that the Earth is warming and apparently warming at an accelerated pace, we have an unclear basis for making predictions about how the warming will expand and at what rate. Some areas well get warmer while others may even get colder. A warming Arctic sufficient to allow increasing areas […]