Raising Teenagers in a Broken World


A mother narrates how she obtained strength from her belief in the divine to meet the challenge of bringing up her teenage kids against the difficulties in her way.   Even though you do your best to raise your children sometimes during the teenage years things change. I have two children, one girl and one boy, who […]

When Dolphins Fly –

When Dolphins Fly 2-Zach Mckenna-St Augustine Eco Tours-Save the Dolphin-

When Dolphins Fly –   Imagine the surprise of St. Augustine Eco Tour Owner and graduate student Zach McKenna when he spotted a flying dolphin!  McKenna and a team of volunteers are part of a Florida based consortium of researchers that collect data throughout the year to better understand the dynamics of the local bottlenose […]

Expanding Knowledge: Late Career Development


  Having spent a lifetime learning, I find myself in the possibly enviable but somewhat confusing position of having forgotten more than most people know. Still, I would not be afraid to take on a fundamentally new learning project; that is, tackle something entirely new and learn it well enough to practice it at a […]

Self-Education Strategy And Design


  In a formal educational setting, longer, multiple-year, ordered courses of study are traditional at every level. A curriculum is established leading from the basic, introductory course to more advanced courses, dealing usually with more complex ideas. Standards for accomplishment at the completion of each stage of the curriculum are also set. But, over time […]

5 Tips for Studying While Completing an Online Degree


The biggest advantage to taking classes online is the flexibility you get with this approach to learning. It’s certainly a plus for working adults trying to balance career and family responsibilities while acquiring some new skills or working towards a degree. No matter how high-tech education gets, however, you still have to find time to […]

Stars Form Fast Thanks To Snoozing Black Hole


Nearly 6 billion light-years away, one of the most massive galaxy clusters ever seen is birthing stars at an incredible rate, with its central member producing more than 700 suns per year in its cold, cold heart. “It should be producing less than one, and it’s producing 740,” says Michael McDonald of MIT, coauthor of […]

Scientists Scurry to Figure Out The Status Of Glaciers On The Roof Of The World


The Himalayas have gotten hot. Mercury in this mountainous region has been climbing, with more warming there in recent decades than in most other places on Earth. “Temperatures are rising fast at high elevations,” says David Molden, director general of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development in Kathmandu, Nepal. But the heat-up isn’t limited […]

Alien-Life Hunters Focus on Moons in Outer Solar System


The solar system’s spotted bully and its ringed sidekick are holding some tantalizing treasures in their gravitational clutches. Circling Jupiter and Saturn are more than a hundred moons, including some of the most promising hosts for extraterrestrial life in the solar system. But not every one of these moons is an equal opportunity extraterrestrial petri […]

Rover Sets Down in Complex Maneuver


Curiosity has phoned home from the dusty surface of Mars. Radio signals and images received at 10:32 p.m. PDT on August 5 by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirm that the rover has reached Mars’ Gale Crater, Curiosity’s intended destination after an 8.5-month journey of 567 million kilometers. Scientists and engineers packed into the JPL mission […]

Days Before Curiosity’s Planned Martian Landing


Though nearly empty Thursday afternoon, mission control at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratorywill be packed with more than 100 people when the Mars rover Curiosity is set to touch down this Sunday, August 5. But for now, the control room is quiet, illuminated by a dim, soothing blue light. Data and images flash across the enormous screens […]