St. Johns County Offers Educational Workshop with Tips on Navigating Planning and Zoning Tools


The St. Johns County Planning and Zoning Division invites the public to a special educational workshop from 9 to 10 a.m. on Friday, February 22 at the County Permit Center, 4040 Lewis Speedway, St. Augustine. Participants will be guided through a development scenario, using online tools to navigate their way through the Land Development Regulations. […]

Rainbow Academy’s Lesson for the Day: A is For App


Exciting News about the New Tadpoles® E-Communication Application   Established in 1997 by Guy and Julia Falzarano, Rainbow Academy Early Learning Centers has grown steadily, right along with the children it nurtures, to thirteen locations throughout New Jersey. In 2011, they began franchising and already have another fifteen franchises currently under development. In all this […]

Tennessee Teen Launches Project to Help School Kids via Helpful Books in Donation

Teresa Bradford

Ernest Dempsey — Our times’ general image of a modern urban teenager tends to be that of a key-punching, techno-possessed person who is increasingly distanced from their social environment by the round-the-clock access to finger-tip technology. Yet, this is far from being true in case of many young people who value personal effort in response […]

St. Johns County Health and Human Services Hosting Pre-Service Classes and Orientation for Prospective Foster Parents


The St. Johns County Family Integrity Program (FIP) is conducting pre-service training classes for anyone interested in becoming a foster parent from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. beginning Monday, January 14, 2013 through April 1, 2013. These educational classes offer a challenging yet fun approach to learning the demands and rewards of serving as a foster care parent. Anyone interested […]

Free Dog Training Clinic for Pet Owners at St. Augustine Humane Society

dog training

The St. Augustine Humane Society will hold a free dog training clinic with Julie Parker, a certified dog trainer. Parker will work with her dogs to demonstrate training and behavioral techniques while providing hand-outs and training suggestions. The event will be held on Saturday, Dec. 1 beginning at1 pm, St. Augustine Humane Society,1665 Old Moultrie […]

Ohio College Adds ‘Saffron Dreams’ to Literature Course

Saffron Dreams

Owens Community College in Ohio has added the novel Saffron Dreams to its course American Multicultural Literature. Saffron Dreams is being used in universities across the nation by professors of Women and Gender Studies, Religion, South Asian Studies, and more. Several academic institutions have adopted Saffron Dreams as a course study or recommended reading, including the University […]

Is The Universe Rationally Designed?


  Thinking about the incredibly vast size of the universe seems to require us to ask why? Why does it have to be so large? How did it get that way? Where is it going? Did some thing or some entity design it? These seem, at least, philosophical or even religious questions. At the very […]

Climate Change – Environmentalism – and History


  Climate Change – Environmentalism – and History The Green Register Salutes The Audubon!   As I’ve stated in the past, the Sharon Audubon Center was a place where I used to roam as a child and young adult. The beauty of the great outdoors mixed with the learning center which held events that offered […]

4 Reasons You Should Go Back to School

returning to school

Going back to school is a daunting idea for tens of thousands of people. Whether it means getting your first degree, or continuing your education in search of that big promotion, it usually means a scary amount of time, money and dedication you may not think you have. Why not think about going back to […]

The Universe Is Incredibly Old And Unimaginably Large


One fundamental question to ask is what is the age and size of the universe. Does it have an edge or boundary or does it go on forever. Is the universe finite or infinite? How old is it? Even in antiquity these were burning questions. The Greeks asked, what does an infinite universe look like? […]