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BP More Profits, Less Accountability

Will Says… I think we need to stop coming down so hard on BP boys. Everyone is saying “They didn`t have a plan” “Nothing has changed since 1979″ I just don`t see it that way! Since the 70`s they got… More profits, less accountability. That`s CHANGE oil boys can count on! A better contingency plan… [...]

Under 30 and Hispanic: ID Please!

I am Will Roberts and when in Arizona I don`t leave home without this! If I did… I might be stopped and arrested. Then again, I don`t meet the profile.  Our President said we won`t do it at our airports any longer, but Mc Cain said “we will do it in my state!”  One day: [...]

ZonaCon 2009: Anime, Horror and a Live Gunman

Want to see anime fans dressed in pink wigs and outrageous cosplay outfits become even more animated and hysterically energetic than they already are? Just add a live-gunman-on-the-run to their anime/ horror convention. This was ZonaCon 2009. Alright, maybe I should back up a bit. When we arrived at the convention center, a gunfight broke [...]

Teaser Page ‘Leaked’ from Two Tone Comics’ Upcoming Issue!

Check out other pages and comic strips at Two Tone Comics’ website: www.myspace.com/twotonecomics

New Online Graphic Novel Tells the World of Iranian Protests

A new online graphic novel comic book has been circulating the web telling the story of the Iranian election protests.  Persepolis 2.0 gives a day-by-day account of the events between June 12-21.  With resounding statements like – “Today we will fight for our rights,” “Tehran is burning,” and “Where is my vote?” – the content [...]

Cartoon of the Day: Swine Flu

I found this simplistic little gem on cartoonstock.com.  The catchy name “Swine Flu” has been denounced by the US Department of Health as a misleading title that might end up hurting the pork industry.  Does nobody have a heart for the alphanumeric industry? – Scott Bufis Editor

Birds: Tangled Society

By: Matthew Salazar Society entagles all the creatures on Earth… Two Tone Comics website

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