The Nexus Between Brain and Mind

The Mind-Body Problem Explained

In his latest book The Mind-Body Problem Explained: The Biocognitive Model for Psychiatry (Future Psychiatry Press, 2012), psychiatrist Dr. Niall McLaren discusses how the principles of information processing give a formal theory of mind that generates a model of mental disorder as a psychological phenomenon. The following excerpt from the fifth chapter of his book, “The Nexus […]

Astrophysicists Interrogate One Of Their Most Successful Theories


Ask any astronomer what inflation is, and you’ll hear about the moment when the universe’s primordial fireball expanded like a balloon on steroids, smoothing and flattening its initial wrinkles before it grew into the cosmos seen today. Now, some physicists are trying to let a little air out of that scenario. Generally regarded as one […]

Climate Change Can Explain Some 2011 Departures From The Norm


Texans sweltered through the hottest, driest spring and summer on record last year. Much of the blame can be attributed to a recurring climate pattern known as La Niña, which emerges every few years as surface waters chill in the eastern equatorial Pacific. But Earth’s steadily warming climate contributed as well, a new analysis concludes. […]

Researchers Uncover Colony Foraging Strategy


Using tiny key cards glued to ants’ backs, researchers have figured out how colonies manage their food stores: A body weight–based strategy determines who’s doing the hunting and when. To test the relevance of body weight and experience in foraging, researchers saddled ants (Temnothorax albipennis) with electronic tags smaller than a pinhead and installed a […]

Oregon finds indicate ancient Clovis hunters weren’t alone


Ancient residents of four caves in south-central Oregon may deserve bragging rights as the earliest known Americans. New finds in the caves unveil a population that reached the New World around the same time or shortly before the famed Clovis hunters who roamed the Great Plains and Southeast at the end of the Ice Age. […]

Where Were You 40,000 Years Ago


Red disks, hand stencils and club-shaped drawings lining the walls of several Stone Age caves in Spain were painted so long ago that Neandertals might have been their makers, say researchers armed with a high-powered method for dating ancient stone. Scientists have struggled for more than a century to determine the ages of Europe’s striking […]

America’s Most Ancient City Celebrates Easter Weekend


Friday: April 6 Whale and Dolphin Lecture Join Naturalists Zach McKenna and Angie Golubovich, along with environmental Filmmaker & Author Hardy Jones for an exciting talk about whales and dolphins, efforts to learn more about local cetaceans, and ways that the fate of marine mammals and humans are intertwined. Attendees are encouraged to bring a […]

Florida Living History, Inc. Prepares for Florida’s 500th Anniversary

To prepare for Florida’s 500th anniversary in 2013, Florida Living History, Inc. (FLH), will offer its annual heritage Event – “This Other World”: Ponce de León and the Founding of Florida! Presented by FLH’s member group – La Compañía de Juan Ponce de León / The Company of Juan Ponce de León (c. 1513 – […]

Weekend Fun: St. Johns County Fair, World Golf Hall of Fame, Kayak Tours and More…

 Friday: March 9   Form and Figure Exhibition Be among the first to see this new exhibit of sculpture by Enzo Torcoletti and Joe Segal entitled “Form and Figure.” The opening takes place from 5-9 p.m. at the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum, Flagler College, 48 Sevilla Street in St. Augustine, For more information, call 904-826-8535 or […]

Major Humanities Grant Awarded to Florida Living History, Inc.

Florida Humanities Council / Florida Living History, Inc. 2012-13 Major Humanities Grant Award St. Augustine, FL The Directors of Florida Living History, Inc. (FLH), are pleased to announce that Florida Living History, Inc., has been awarded a Major Grant of $15,000 by the Florida Humanities Council (FHC), the state affiliate of the National Endowment for […]