Barnum, Cody & Trump, The greatest show on Earth!


Barnum, Cody & Trump, The greatest show on Earth!


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! ahhhh, here we go!


Now there is a reason PT Barnum and Buffalo Bill Cody went down in history, other than the fact that they produced The Greatest Shows on Earth. The other reason is they were top showmen, which is just another word for a salesman. Now I can tell you, it takes one to know one and I have often said that I can sell ice to the Eskimos, in water form so that I can spot um! Then to hear the latest news about Donald Trump running for President, again doesn’t surprise me in the least bit. And his speech that sounded more like a boxer the day before the big fight doesn’t surprise me.


But what does surprise me, is why you have people that will follow you, Mr. Trump. Maybe it’s The Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome. Which means; you’re the only one who thinks you have something, and the rest of us are enjoying The Greatest Show on Earth!
Or maybe they know you’ll throw all the cool parties. Supporting Donald Trump It’s kind of like going to a casino with a friend who pays you to lose their money, why not. But Mr. Trump, I have a suggestion for folks that do what to back you, and that is; They should be true friends and not give you money. Instead, give some sound advice, like don’t run.


* This ad was brought to you by Americans with common sense, which ain’t so common anymore!
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