Affordable Body & Beauty Care That Rivals Beverly Hills


Affordable Body & Beauty Care That Rivals Beverly Hills   Nope, not kidding.   Over the past few months we have been discussing a company called MassageLuXe. I even took you all along on my road trip that ended up being a tour of MassageLuXe locations. Why? Well…because the places and locations were great to […]

Do You Have a Social Brand Manager?

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  Over the years new jobs have sprung forth from new industries ‘popping up’ in the world and new ‘must-have’ products that come out of nowhere. In 2012, however, one of the most sought-after jobs is Social Media and/or Brand Manager. This isn’t surprising, seeing as that social media is the biggest industry out there […]

Enter…the Social Media Management Team!

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  Enter…the Social Media Management Team!   Every week we talk about franchises. We talk about the health and beauty magnates; the tanning and massage salons; the cleaning and maintenance industry; the vitamin and medial industry – there are so many franchise opportunities out there in the world right now that it boggles the mind. […]

Using Social Media ‘Channels’ to Reach a ‘Target’ Audience

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Using Social Media ‘Channels’ to Reach a ‘Target’ Audience   As everyone already knows, people across the country complain about ‘channels.’ Of course, when thy complain it’s because there are a thousand TV channels and absolutely nothing on. However, when it comes to the channels that the realm of social media offers, there are far […]

Better Way Health Delves Into Beta Glucan Benefits For Obesity, Athletes and ….


Better Way Health Delves Into Beta Glucan Benefits For Obesity, Athletes and the Immune System!   Each and every week we have been speaking about Bill Henderson, and the amazing benefits of using beta glucan to increase life’s awesome activities. We have also talked about the backstory of this amazing company’s president, a man […]

Analyzing The ‘Information Superhighway’

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Analyzing The ‘Information Superhighway’   Way back when – when computer technology first began – the phrase ‘Information Superhighway’ was coined. And as time has passed by we have all found out, especially businesses, that this particular phrase was dead on correct.   However, the world of ‘analysts’ – a career that is based on […]

Is ‘Bigger’ Really Better in the Social Media World?


    We have debated the question of quality versus quantity longer than science and religion have fought over where we actually ‘came from.’ In fact, quality versus quantity is a debate that comes up in all different fields of business, and now it is the very essence of whether or not your company has […]

The Power of Multichannels


The Power of Multichannels   This is 2012! And the way time is passing, 2013 will be here tomorrow. Therefore, as we look into the future, when it comes to businesses and products there is far more than one way to buy something. But for a good, long time companies did not ‘come around’ to […]

Get a Bang from Your Social Media

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Having a profile on Facebook, Twitter, or Linked-In does not automatically create a social media presence for an individual or a business.  A common practice is to put up a website, create social media profiles, and then assume people will find and purchase the product or service.  And WALA! >>  Like some sort of magical […]

Exploring the World of ‘E’

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Exploring the World of ‘E’   E-Business has become the foundation for this economy, and the way companies must do business in order o see their business grow. Now for those who are sick of being given statistics and ‘blather’ that actually sounds like nothing more than…blather, e-business is very simply the “application of information […]