Business Snowed Under At Atlantic City Casino

The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa’s fortunes are still being blighted by blizzards. The December snowstorms had cost the casino about $5 million worth if business. That is going to seem insignificant if the prospects for February figures are anything to go by. A hotel executive said the organization is expecting another loss of $5 […]

Keep Overdraft Fees at Bay

There used to be a time when balancing one’s checkbook was a regular activity. There are some who still do it but most of us have become lax, given the variety of ways we can spend money, and the difficulty of keeping track of them all. The widespread use of debit cards has meant that […]

Should Wild Animals be Kept in Captivity?

The heartbreaking demise of the SeaWorld whale trainer, Dawn Brancheau, who was killed by one of the killer whales she used to work with, has started a debate on the issue of whether or not it is a good idea to keep these wild animals in captivity. Few days after this recent tragedy the park […]

PETA plans to make fun of Tiger Woods in New Advertisement

PETA planned to use the Tiger Woods’ famous scandal for its new advertisement campaign. The ad is directed to encourage pet owners to spay and neuter their pets and uses the Tiger Wood’s latest scandal to support the idea. Although Tiger Woods is, of course, not very happy with the idea but the organization claims […]

Children’s Donations to Haiti

A shocking earthquake hit the Haiti causing innumerable casualties. The numbers of casualties  exceeded 230,000 and are still increasing. People have lost their loved ones, homes and shelter. It is a big challenge for people and independent organizations to provide relief to the devastated area. Haiti was already one of the poorest and unstable nations […]

Wall Street Journal Polls how Americans Feel about Economic Crisis

In light of the current economic crisis, which has hit not only Americans but the world in general in the worst possible way, Americans are trying hard to sort out their problems. Individuals, organizations and the government are directing their efforts towards getting out of the instability and uncertainty that has surrounded the economic environment […]

Federal Reserve’s Emergency Loan Fund is decreasing

Earlier this month, it was reported that banks have cut back on the amount borrowed from the Federal Reserve’s emergency loan fund. Experts are saying that this is a sign that credit problems in the country are also decreasing. $14.6 billion is the latest weekly average of commercial banks’ borrowing amount. The number has obviously […]

Over 1/3 of Americans Face Debt Trouble

Mintel, one of the leading companies in market intelligence, has recently carried out a survey to determine how many Americans are facing debt trouble. The results of the survey painted a grim financial picture—they showed that more than 30% of Americans have had difficulty in paying their debts for the last couple of years. Among […]

Ways to Build Savings

Are you one of those people who are living from paycheck to paycheck? Is the dwindling economy putting pressure on you and your family? Do you wish that there was some way that you can live comfortably and still save for your children’s college fund, a business of your own, a better house, or any […]