Observations from Observatory: The Full Moon Hike

Lion's Head taken from the cable-car on Table Mountain.

  The ground stretches wet and shallow in Florida. My homeland is a giant swamp in the shape of a peninsula – surrounded by water on three sides. The summer weather is hot and the shorelines don’t get any more beautiful.   Lion’s Head from the view of the cable-car on Table Mountain. Cape Town, […]

New Online Graphic Novel Tells the World of Iranian Protests

A new online graphic novel comic book has been circulating the web telling the story of the Iranian election protests.  Persepolis 2.0 gives a day-by-day account of the events between June 12-21.  With resounding statements like – “Today we will fight for our rights,” “Tehran is burning,” and “Where is my vote?” – the content […]

U.S. and Russia Promise to Reduce Nuclear Weapons

On Monday, President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met at the Kremlin in Moscow and each promised to reduce nuclear arms in their respective nations. Obama expressed that the two countries must take a leadership position in the reduction of nuclear weapons.  “It is very difficult for us to exert that leadership unless […]

Employee Dies as Disney World’s Monorails Collide

“It’s a bit shocking,” said a 22-year-old tourist from London. “Disney seems so perfect.” A Disney employee was killed on Sunday as two monorails in the Magic Kingdom collided.  The victim, 21-year-old Austin Wuennenberg, was the conductor of one of the trains.  One of Wuennenberg’s friends and former Stetson University classmate, Brandon Ross, said that […]

An ‘Asteroids’ Movie? About What?

Universal outbid three other studios for the rights to make a film version of Atari’s 1979 arcade classic Asteroids – a video game with no plot and no characters aside from a little space ship that blows up space rocks. This film script is to be written by Matthew Lopez (Race to Witch Mountain) and […]

Governor Crist Reconsiders a Ban on Drilling Off Florida’s Coast

Gov. Charlie Crist is reconsidering his opposition to drilling off Florida’s shores, a sentiment he used to share with former governers Lawton Chiles, Dem., and Jeb Bush, Rep. Back in August 1993, disaster struck as 300,000 gallons of heavy fuel oil spilled off the shore of Tampa Bay – devastating 15 miles of Florida beaches. “We […]

Whetstone Coming to King Street

You know that empty bulding at 149 King St. where the Cooper Tires store used to be?  Henry Whetstone, Jr. is attempting to purchase the space for the new Whetstone candy factory. Whetstone is applying for a “use by exception” from the city, meaning “a use that would not be appropriate generally through the zoning […]

St. Augustine: Top Ten Places to Live in 2009

Sharing the list with great American cities like Austin, Durham, Auburn, and Albuquerque, St. Augustine currently appears on the U.S. News and World Report top ten Best Places to Live 2009. Report writer Luke Mullins highlights the charming St. Augustine aspects of “a highly educated workforce,” “world-class golfing,” and the “refreshing Atlantic breeze,” along with […]

Is Capitalism Dying or On the Cusp of Something New?

With the president’s new proposal, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, placing more restrictions on business as well as the continuous bailouts received by so many businesses, it’s time to ask ourselves: where is capitalism going? Is it dying? Is our notion of this particular economic system which we have clung to so dearly merely in […]

Soaring Unemployment for Young Workers Makes Us Ask: “How Can We Get Creative?”

A recent statistic has been released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealing that 16.7% of ages 18-24 are unemployed in the US as of May 2009 – the highest we’ve experienced in at least 60 years.  The striking number stretches just past the previous record of 16.6% in 1982.  The youngsters’ statistic far exceeds […]