The Flaming Lips and Their Signature Show in St. Aug


Mind-bending animations, confetti-spouting balloons and drudging psychedelic rock were the aesthetics of Friday evening when The Flaming Lips shook the St. Augustine Amphitheater and sent it into a dimensional vortex that defied not only space and gravity but the laws of logic and communication as well. Photos by Matthew Ricer and Scott Bufis

Exclusive Photos from the My Morning Jacket Show at the St. Augustine Amphitheater!


Jim James and the boys of alt-country outfit My Morning Jacket took over the stage of the St. Augustine Amphitheater on April 27. The show was full of organ sounds, tripped-out visuals, crazy lazer lights, donkey heads, and plenty of jamming. A special thanks to Dan Larsen of the St. Augustine Amphitheater. All photos courtesy […]

HoH Fest 2010 More Fun, More Organized Than Last Year

So, the whole time I was at the second annual Harvest of Hope Fest last weekend I couldn’t help but constantly compare it to the last year’s HOH Fest – and how much more fun and organized it was this year! Admittedly, last year’s event was the fledgling of (what is now) a series of […]

ZonaCon 2009: Anime, Horror and a Live Gunman

Want to see anime fans dressed in pink wigs and outrageous cosplay outfits become even more animated and hysterically energetic than they already are? Just add a live-gunman-on-the-run to their anime/ horror convention. This was ZonaCon 2009. Alright, maybe I should back up a bit. When we arrived at the convention center, a gunfight broke […]

Plasticity: The All-Vinyl Show New Episode!

Record sleeve collage by Matthew Salazar

Click here to listen!!! Name of show: Plasticity Hosts: Scott Bufis, Dylan Pembleton, Amadeus Hill Show: Plasticity brings and broadcasts music that transcends genres and breaks the formulaic mold that commercial radio shows fall into straight from the warm, fuzzy format of the vinyl record. Track List: 1. The Clash – Ghetto Defendant 2. The […]

The Launch of the ‘All Vinyl Show!’


Exploring the Landscape of Vinyl Music with “Plasticity” (Click Here to Listen) From the oak-shaded town of St. Augustine comes music that equals its town of inspiration in style and antiquity. Spotlighting international power acts, lesser known underground artists, and locals alike, Plasticity has no walls to contain it – except format. Plasticity is dedicated […]

Crosby, Stills and Nash: More than Just Old Dudes with Guitars

By the time we got to the Amphitheatre, we could hear the band jammin’ and the folks singin’. We pushed our way through long-hairs with red eyes and new jacks wearing Neil Young t-shirts, making it known to all observers where the roots of their music taste lie. The crowd finally peeled back and revealed […]

Scott Bufis Chats with Chris of Less Than Jake

In March, during the Harvest of Hope Festival at the St. Johns County Fairgrounds, I got the chance to talk with Chris Demakes, singer and guitarist for Less Than Jake.We sat down for a few minutes and chatted about the new album, the unpopularity of ska music today, the charity toward migrant farm workers from […]

Officials Look to the Plaza as Arena for Free Expression

City officials are trying to find new ground in the debate about use of the Plaza de la Constitucion in the city’s center as a place for free expression. On Monday, city commissioners stated that they want a new policy for the Plaza that would allow free expression but keep the cheap sunglasses and flea […]

Florida Students Opting for Community College in Rough Economy

Florida’s community colleges are experiencing a sharp increase in enrollment while public universities and private colleges are seeing a decrease. Because of the state of the economy, more and more students are turning to the option of enrolling in a reasonably-priced community college instead of enrolling in a much more expensive state or private university. […]