Mythica: Painting a Koi Vision

Koi Fish Vision by Shaneophoto

I could try to explain the sacred mystery that an artist goes through when they are inspired to do something, but every artist is unique, and every inspiration is also unique. My friend Alicia asked if she could post to my wall/timeline some body painting images she found. I said yes. One of those images […]

Mythica: Fashion Show Adventures

Photo provided by Dennis Wagner

Creating a fashion event is a huge amount of work. There are so many elements that go into it. So many people. So many places for things to go wrong. When it comes to show time most people in the audience have no idea what the event planner went through to make it all happen. […]

Mythica: Poetry Story of Who Will Win

Mythica wolf

Yes I write poetry, but there are stories behind the poetry too. I am going to share one of them with you today. Things and events in my life are what inspire my poetry. Early on in my year and a day of mythical poetry I heard about the Cherokee story of the two wolves. […]

Mythica: Birthday Appreciation

Mythica's Family

Friends bought me a ticket to see my parents in Hallendale Beach Florida. Today is my last full day in Florida before I go back to snow and subfreezing temperatures. I intend to go spend some time on the beach no matter how windy it is. This is my birthday present. It just so happens […]

Mythica: Beacon of Hope

Mythical Hope

I am an agent for hope. I have almost an instinctive nature to sense when someone is about to loose hope. I feel it in my body. I start looking around for whom the person is. Sometimes it isn’t even a physical presence. It is online. I post a lot of what I call Words […]

Mythica: Being Painted Beautifuly

Painted Beauty

I am a body painter. I paint a lot of women who are models. They are all gorgeous. But there is something they don’t like about some part of their bodies, and want to hide in plain sight. This weekend I did another body painting event. A group of my body painter friends and I […]

Mythica: Grateful for Life

Mythical attitude of Gratitude!

This continues my week of gratitude. One of the reasons I am such a happy go lucky person is because I have had more than one near death experience. Now I am not talking close calls. I am talking full, leave your body, facing the end of your body working, near death experiences. So even […]

Mythica: A Week of Gratitude

Mythica is grateful for puppies

Thanksgiving is one of the few non-religious holidays in America. It is centered around being grateful. So I decided that every day this week I would write about what I am grateful for. Yesterday it was for friends who were helping me with getting inhalers for my health, and a reflection on that in the […]

Does anyone care if I live or die?


Well of course they do, but the devil is in the details. I suffer from asthma. I have no healthcare. There are many people who are upset with the idea of national healthcare, and believe it will be the financial death of this country. I have news for you. It’s me (and people like me) […]

Dual Citizen/ Colorado & Florida

framed in Sarasota, FL

Today ends my week long introduction to St. Augustine readers. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me. Now to get a little more personal, I wanted to tell you about my connection with Florida. Part of it is chalk art. Part of it has to do with a tiny little place called Hallendale Florida. […]