It’s a reality! “Grazia” Premieres January 21, 2010 at Epic Theatres

It is a reality! Grazia the movie Premieres January 21, 2010 at Epic Theatres of St. Augustine, Florida. This moving suspenseful true love story is a powerful on-screen acount of human emotion and expression which has action and is laced with intrigue. It was mostly filmed in St. Augustine, Florida September-October 2009. Other locations included Jacksonville, Florida, Palm Coast, Florida, and Putnam County of the State of Florida.

Mayhem and Magic on the Matanzas with “Master William Mayhem”


I am the ship’s Magician, and only one part of the crew of other very fine talented entertainers. I also like to think that my 35 years of entertainment experience added to that of the other crew members, gives us the talent to put on a well rounded show that gives a bit of fun and enjoyment to everyone.

Florida Ghost Chasers at the Community Center


Florida Ghost Chasers has chosen to separate itself from the hordes of Dust Chasers who have successfully defined paranormal research as the pursuit of mythology, misinterpretation, and trickery. As serious researchers, this boundary gives us the freedom to leave behind the failing tools, tactics, and brands of evidence that those in the main-stream paranormal community are bound to by custom and requirements of inclusion while allowing us to establish standards and protocol that are bound by reason and accountability.

NYC Horror Festival-Dates Set for November 18-22

The 2009 New York City Horror Film Festival will take place November 18th through the 22nd at the world famous Tribeca Cinemas. Keep your eyes peeled right here for all the gory details to come! Now offering promotional & vendor tables! This year we will be offering a limited amount of promotional and vendor space […]

Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre: A new type of terror with Gunnar Hansen!

I play Captain Petur, who has a converted fishing trawler that takes people on low-budget whale watching trips.

Slice Slice Baby: Kozmic Bluz Pizza, not just for Locals

Come in and enjoy a fresh slice of Pizza with or without toppings

Take a Cruise on The Black Raven Pirate Ship


For an evening of stories of past pirate attacks along with magic, mystery, sing a longs and mayhem.

Follow in Ponce de Leon’s Footsteps and Discover the Fountain of Youth


The Fountain of Youth Park has been the site of many exciting archaeological discoveries of national historic importance.

Rocket Boy “Homer Hickam”

I am talking today with Rocket Boy Homer Hickam author of several books along with the inspiring film “October Sky”. How did Rocket Boys begin and what was your inspiration to build rockets which later lead you to become a NASA engineer? It’s amazing that my memoir Rocket Boys continues to be so popular. I […]

A Little Touch of History in Saint Augustine

Huguenot’s were French Protestants