Daytime Toronto Interviews Jewel Kats

Jewwel Daytime Toronto

  Award-winning Canadian author Jewel Kats was interviewed on the Toronto-based Rogers TV show Daytime Toronto on the 19th of September. Kats is the author of the award-winning books Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair and The Princess and the Ruby, both published by the Loving Healing Press of Michigan, and has made numerous media appearances, including a […]

Angels in Everglades: Saving the Homeless Dogs in South Florida

Everglades dog

Two years ago, Kathy Cremer teamed up with Mirta Maltes to rescue animals in the Homestead, Everglades and Redlands areas of South Florida. The stray dog situation in these areas has become quite tragic over the years. Hundreds and hundreds of dogs are being discarded by their owners in this undeveloped land. The land stretches […]

Drop Box at NC Animal Control Working as Dump for ‘Unwanted’ Animals


  We currently live in a high speed society. Everyone wants everything to happen instantly without any effort or responsibility. Think about it. We have drop boxes to return DVDs, drop boxes to make deposits into our bank accounts, and drop boxes to return library books. But what about a drop box to dispose of […]

Grabbing the Limelight, Killing People

Barack Obama

  US involvement in Syria is another manifestation of lackluster, indecisive US policy. President Obama had a chance to arm a third force, a non-Islamist moderate group of rebels and failed. As a result, the conflict there has become polarized between two major Islamist groups, the Hezbollah greatly assisting President Assad, and a mixture of […]

Empathy In Motion: Students Stand Together Against Bullying


  Thursday, August 29th and Friday, August 30th, 2013, I saw empathy in action. Spending two days in the presence of Kirk Smalley and his Stand For The Silent message, I was paralyzed with hope as countless hearts were changed and lives were saved. Delivering his deeply personal narrative depicting the loss of his son – Ty Smalley […]

New Book on Homelessness Provides Pretreatment Guide for Helping Couples, Youth, and Unaccompanied Adults

Pretreatment Guide for Homeless Outreach

Loving Healing Press of Ann Arbor, MI, announces the release of Pretreatment Guide for Homeless Outreach & Housing First by Jay S. Levy. This book provides human service professionals and concerned community members with a pretreatment guide for helping homeless couples, youth, and single adults. Chapters explore policy and research accompanied by narratives that trace […]

Chelsie Monaghan – The Teenage Hero for Animals

Safe Haven Cover Photo

Most people who work in animal rescue were avid animal lovers at a young age and knew early on they wanted to spend their lives helping abandoned or abused animals. Chelsie Monaghan of South Alabama is one of those people. She has been rescuing animals since childhood. Her first rescue was a kitten that was […]

Daddy Versus The Suck Monster by J. Matthew Nespoli

Daddy Versus the Suck Monster

  Southern California author celebrates the joys of fatherhood while reflecting on often humorous challenges that parenthood can present to a new father’s personal life. J. Matthew Nespoli’s Daddy Versus The Suck Monster is an honest, comedic, and irreverent portrayal of first-time fatherhood that wonders if any man is ever completely ready for the changes […]

Loving Healing Press Going to Beijing International Book Fair

Beyond Psychology

The Loving Healing Press of Ann Arbor, MI, is pleased to announce its participation in the 20th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) via contributing copies of select titles to the event. The 20th Beijing International Book Fair is scheduled for August 28 to September 1, 2013, and will be held at the China International Exhibition […]

Georgia League Saved from Life-Threatening Illness by Doberman Rescue


  Doberman Rescue League Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a non-profit corporation comprised of volunteers who offer their time, expertise and their homes to help place Dobermans where they will be loved and cared for. Their main goal is to protect Dobermans already in their care, prevent further over breeding and educate Doberman owners […]