Orphan Children in Kenya to Benefit from REPAIR for Kids Book

Repair for Kids

  Children in the poor, underdeveloped countries are being supported by churches and charities on both large and small level in many ways. A good example of helpful charity work is the inspiring story of a group of children taught life-supporting lessons by a man whose life mission is helping the helpless. In the small […]

Florida Rescue in Need of Urgent Donations to Save Animals

A dog saved by Second Chance Rescue

  If you have ever visited an Animal Control office in any city across the nation, chances are you have been left with many disturbing images. Envision numerous dogs and cats staring back at you from their cage. Their eyes haunted with fear. Their eyes pleading for salvation from an untimely death. But death is […]

Designing Video Games That Win Critical Appreciation

Plan It Green

  Whether we admit it or not, we essentially live in a cyber world today. At least that is what holds for citizens of modern urban cultures where almost everything is computer-operated. For entertainment, more than anything else, ours is the age of video games. Not only kids but people of different age groups, including […]

Playing with Blocks Improves Math Skills, Says New Research


  Is your child one of those many kids who have difficulty dealing with math at school or home? If so, you may like to let them play a little more, that is play with blocks. New research suggests that kids playing with blocks tend to have better math skills. The story on Counsel & […]

Rescued Dogs Dead and Buried in Woman’s Backyard in Toledo, Ohio


The story of Bones, a 130 pound dogo Argentino first made headlines two years ago in Manhattan where he was linked as evidence to a murder crime scene involving his owner. The Lexus Project intervened and helped Bones to be exonerated of all charges and spared him from being euthanized. The Lexus Project is a group dedicated to […]

‘Dogs Deserve Better’ Dedicated to Releasing Dogs from Chains

Dogs Deserve Better

  If human beings wanted to come up with the cruelest punishment for “man’s best friend”, they have succeeded by chaining or tethering their dogs. Dogs are pack animals and having them isolated and chained is nothing more than cruel and irresponsible. Chaining a dog is not only emotionally abusive but is also physical abuse. […]

Chiara McCool Steps Up to Rescue Dogs in Jackson, TN

pound dogs

  Approximately 5 million to 7 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3 million to 4 million are euthanized (60 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats). Shelter intakes are about evenly divided between those animals relinquished by owners and those picked up by animal control. These are national […]

Puppy Doe Tragedy Necessitates Banning Online Animal Giveaway

Puppy Doe

  Nowadays you can find anything on Craigslist. You can buy and sell furniture, services, and a plethora of other things. But for all the conveniences offered by this quick trade site, it also opens doors to those with criminal intentions – those inhuman monsters that prey on the helpless and try to find a […]

Documentary Project Aims at Revealing the Complete Story of Tony’s Killing

Tony's Tale flyer


Dog Suffers Abuse in Cobb County GA as Animal Control Ignores Calls for Help

Georgia Dog

  Every state in the United States has some set of laws on the books, stating any person who denies an animal food, shelter, or water will be charged with the crime of animal abuse. Law Enforcement agencies are in every city and every county to ensure the laws are followed and those that violate the laws […]