Dollar Bill’s Corner: Mr. Ted


Ted was a biology teacher for twenty-one years at St. Augustine High and says he did it because he loves the subject more than the teaching aspect.  That becomes evident more and more as I listen to him.  You see, Ted knows more about Florida’s native plants, trees, and critters (Flora and Fauna) than you […]

Dollar Bill’s Corner: Catalina and Harry’s


February 16, 2009 – Harry’s restaurant was a home owned by Catalina’s father during the first Spanish Period in St. Augustine.  When she was ten-years-old they moved to the interior of Cuba.  She eventually married, but she always missed the view, the ships, and the harbor of beloved St. Augustine.  Her father dies and left […]

Dollar Bill’s Corner: Ghosts in St. Augustine


February 9, 2009 ST. AUGUSTINE – Oh yeah!  There are ghosts in St. Augustine!  Just ask, for instance, the people who work at Harry’s Restaurant on San Marco.  They will tell you all about the upstairs resident who has appeared and disappeared for years.  But she doesn’t leave to go back to Ohio, Iowa, or […]

Dollar Bill’s Corner: 30 Can Gary


February 5, 2009 – Down in Miami, a friend of mine, known as 30 Can Gary for the amount of beer he drank every day, decided that times were getting tougher – work was nonexistent even for a cement finisher – and it was time to steal beer. He did. For a long time. For […]

Dollar Bill’s Corner: Horses, Holes and Cowboys


1/31/09 – Sometimes people are just like material things: they’re around for a while and then they go. Sometimes they come back, but sometimes it’s the wrong time to return to those “days of yesteryear” because – for the right reasons – you’ve moved onward and upward. This is one of those stories. Return with […]

Dollar Bill’s Corner: Critters


Friday January 30, 2009 St. Augustine, FL After a sleepless, wet night I realized my cat had a toy in my bed. In Miami, the local critters visited every night but they never brought playthings to me. When I slept they would lick my hands for the salt crusted on my skin from spending much […]

Introducing: Dollar Bill’s Corner

A new feature has been added to Dollar Bill’s Corner.  This column is written from the perspective of an especially articulate  homeless man living on the streets of St. Augustine.  – Scott Bufis (Executive Editor) Hello and welcome everybody to what promises to be an enjoyable, entertaining and educational experience for all of us!  […]