Multitasking? I am Done with That!


Multitasking? I am Done with That! Men have been right all along; “don’t bother me, I am busy”.  The reality of multitasking is: both things are done halfway. Think about it (and only think about this one thing for a minute) ½ your brain is doing one thing, the other ½ is doing another. So […]

Money Woes of Women


Money Woes of Women ~By Carolyn Walker Women typically have less money than men. Their investment and savings portfolios are smaller than men.  Women are accused of shopping and spending they are upset. They are accused of being risk adverse and too emotional about money. None of these urban myths are really the heart of […]

Pinterest and Your Dream Board


Pinterest and Your Dream Board ~by Carolyn Walker Pinterest is an explosion to self-expression. It is a wonderful form of inspiration from others, a gift of their dreams and imagination to you. We can put our hearts out for all to see. Thank you to all who share their loves, their passions and dreams and […]

NeriumAD— I’ve heard of that…


by Carolyn Walker What is that stuff? It is a Miracle!   Because it is an anti-aging night cream treatment that actually works!  According to Amber Olsen-Rourke, Nerium International Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing and Culture, “Many products go to market with a 2-7% change. NeriumAD averages a 30% change in 30 days.” Naturally people […]

“We Truly Care About You…” Really?


  “We Truly Care About You…”  Really? ~Carolyn Walker What is your company doing to help you grow as a person? How much time do they devote to helping you grow as an individual? They have probably invested a few months to train you to perform the tasks you were hired to do. That takes […]

Happiness =’s Success


Happiness =’s Success by Carolyn Walker Happy people typically have a pretty good sense of humor. And another thing, they are like magnets, because others like and want to be around them. They are not waiting to be happy after they get that raise, that next sale, that new house, that new boat, loose those […]

The Funk


The Funk by Carolyn Walker  It is easy to let self-doubts creep in and in fact even the most successful and self-confident individuals occasionally get bitten by this “bug.” Jeff Olson, CEO and founder of Nerium International calls it the “funk.” Usually it involves questioning ourselves, reviewing all our mistakes, doubting all our decisions, and […]

Recession/Depression Defined


  Recession/Depression Defined   Carolyn Walker   Definition: Recession: when your neighbor loses their job Definition: Depression: when you lose your job While this may be a tongue and cheek definition, the reality of our economy seems to be an uneven recovery. According to the Wall Street Journal, (Monday April 1, 2013) 14 cities now have […]

Be Your Own Boss! Own a Franchise!


Be Your Own Boss! Own a Franchise! ~ Carolyn Walker   Great idea, but have you looked at the cost?  With the U S slowly emerging from the “great recession” who has an extra few thousand dollars in the bank or can get credit to borrow several thousand?  In looking over the costs from one […]

Whine, Whine, Whine: Women and Wrinkles


Whine, Whine, Whine: Women and Wrinkles   by Carolyn Walker Tired of the hype, the false promises, the ridiculous advertising? What if there was a product backed by scientific research from prestigious universities and an international biotechnology firm that offered a 100% money back guarantee? And you could actually see the real results from real people […]