NeriumAD Featured on “The View”


The View, on September 19, 2013 featured NeriumAD- as a hot new product in the anti aging skin care category. It is formulated to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and aging and sun damaged skin. One product that targets a number of skin issues that […]

Your Future – on Your Terms YEP!


Your Future – on Your Terms YEP! Young entrepreneurs want their careers on their terms, tailored to their fast-paced lives. 3 out of 5 think they have a right to work remotely with a flexible schedule; 7 out of 10 believe being in an office regularly is unnecessary; 47% also prefer to find a job […]

The Hardest Step- the first step


The Hardest Step- the first step That first step toward realizing your vision—can seem monumental and indeed it is usually the hardest step, but fortunately, the next is easier and the next easier and on and on—because as we all learned a long time ago—an object in motion stays in motion. Nerium International is “an […]

The Healthiest Lifestyle


The Healthiest Lifestyle: Entrepreneurship has many rewards; one of them is your Health!  According to a recent Gallup study, the self-employed are less likely to have chronic illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. And I would wager a bet there are fewer auto immune disorders, too. More entrepreneurs report regular […]

Fund Raising Never Looked So Good!!

Goal Thermometer

Fund Raising Never Looked So Good!! Nerium International has raised the bar on fund raising for non-profits.  Now non-profits (501c3’s) can raise funds by offering their members a product in one of the hottest categories of consumer spending—anti-aging. NeriumAd, their groundbreaking night cream treatment is backed by clinical trials showing on average a 30% improvement […]

The Guilt Free Business Trip for Moms

39348289_5 Questions To Kick Start Total Life Transformation

  The Guilt Free Business Trip for Moms The stay at home mom, the one who has a great education, did have a great job, has successful husband who allows her to stay home with the kids, she is ready to escape! No more SpongeBob, no more cartoons, complete control of the remote, wine with […]

Run Run Run


  Run Run Run Working 24/7, multitasking, exercising 7 days a week—it’s all a little too much!  No one can keep up this kind of schedule without serious consequences to their total well-being. There is a story my father-in-law tells of horses in Canada that were worked 7 days a week. No matter how much […]

Bullet Proof Beauty Business


Even during a serious downturn in the economy, women will still take care of their looks- makeup, skin care, and hair care; we are still determined to look our best. We can skimp on other things. Check the stats on this and you will see, it still and always will occupy the biggest retail foot […]

Communicating with Technology- What to Use


Communicating with Technology- What to Use Have you noticed? People do not answer their phone any more.  Caller ID lets you know who it is. That gives you a choice; answer or let it go to VM. If you leave a message, do not assume everyone listens to their voice mail. Texting may be a […]

“The Product is King”


  Dennis Windsor, Co-Founder and Vice President of Nerium International knows in his business, this is absolutely true. He goes on to say, “It’s the most valuable tool a brand partner has—above videos, brochures or meetings.” And to back this up, as Brand Partners build their business, the company supplies them with free bottles to […]