The Foundation of Nerium


  The Foundation of Nerium by Carol Kimball Anti-aging skin creams are abundant in today’s cosmetic marketplace.  What makes Nerium AD different? Use of the Nerium oleander plant has been identified in ancient texts and folklore for more than 1,500 years, but it wasn’t until the last century that the scientific community took interest in […]

What in the world are “REAL” results?


  What in the world are “REAL” results? by Carol Kimball In the world of anti-aging skin care, hype and marketing claims abound, with few results.  What if a company could prove that their science works?  What if they got real people to try their product?   Finally, a breakthrough product has been created that provides […]

Nerium to the Rescue!


  Nerium to the Rescue! by Carol Kimball Have you been hearing the buzz about the accidental skin care discovery, Nerium AD? Have you seen the photos?  People are experiencing truly amazing – unprecedented – changes to their skin, not simply rehydration. This product is sweeping the country! Nerium AD is an all natural night […]