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Opinion Blog: What Is Hope?

I’ve been reading Psalms 1-72 An Introduction and Commentaries by Rev. Derek Kidner.  It is to me like a detailed treatise on the Psalms – both overview and verse by verse.  This book is intended for the “student of the Bible who has no specialized training in biblical theology, history and language.”  So now you [...]

Opinion Blog: I’ve Got It Now – Obama Bringing Down Foundational Institutions

Ormond Beach, FL – Okay I’m slow.  I was gone for ten days on a mission trip to Encarnacion, Paraguay, and of course I was out of the news.  Before the trip I didn’t get it.  So starting on Tuesday, I got back into it and lo’, I now get it.  What is it?  It’s [...]


ORMOND BEACH – Yesterday I was in a group meeting that devolved into accusations of “big corporations” as perpetrators of injustice around the world.  AIG, Wal-Mart, bottled water companies were offered up.  These accusations of course were from folks who really do not understand, for whatever reasons, how “good” American businesses are.  Were it not [...]

Is Your Church Struggling?

ORMOND BEACH – My church is struggling financially.  It is a major denomination and the word is that most of the churches in that denomination are in the same boat.  Further I’m told, other denominations are suffering too and it’s because of the ECONOMY!We just went through a significant reduction in staff and one casualty [...]

Why Newspapers Are Failing

ORMOND BEACH – Today, Easter Sunday, while I’m watching how Navy Seals got our Merchant Mariner back from Somali pirates, I look and my local waste of paper did this.  On the “Ideas” page, or the editorial page for traditional readers, the lead editorial is entitled “history” with a ragged hooded cloak labeled “torture” hanging [...]

What Republicans Need to Do

March 17, 2009 ORMOND BEACH, FL – When Michael Steele got elected to Chair of the Republican National Committee I thought…good!  After a long hiatus because of the national party support of people like Arlan Specter, I was interested in making a positive contribution.  So I went to http://www.gop.com/2008Platform/ to take a look and see [...]

Politics Always Finds its Ugly Head in the Budget

March 12, 2009 – How about some insider information for at least some?  You may be aware of the politics of government spending and how it affects politicians.  Once in a great while, politicians do try to take the politics out of spending but it ALWAYS seeps back in. A few days ago, President Obama [...]

Secrets to Make Your Teeth Rattle

ORMOND BEACH, March 3, 2009 – What rattles your teeth?  Today’s Wall Street Journal in “Deficits Matter But the Result Is What Counts” piece on page C1 reports that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner must testify to Congress on budget deficits today.  It says “Released last week, Mr. Obama’s budget document projects a teeth-rattling deficit of [...]

Are You Righteous?

February 20th, 2009 – Were you raised to be righteous?  I was but I just realized it today.  At least I just realized that the label could be applied.  Are you righteous?  Can you tell when someone else is?  I’ll tell you how. Righteous men (ok, include women in this term too) are men who [...]

Just Another Lying Politician?

February 13, 2009 – It’s Friday the 13th and we might live to see Saturday the 14th.  Washington is gearing up to loosen a FLOOD of money into our economy.  But will it work to stimulate?  Not right away at least but as one pundit put it (can’t remember the name – old guy problem) [...]

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