Nerium Outperforms Google, Apple and Microsoft in First Year Sales!


  Nerium International is barely over 2 years old and the numbers are in.  In Nerium’s first full year with just one product (Nerium AD anti-aging night cream) Nerium BLEW away Apple, Google and Microsoft’s first year numbers. Nerium posted a whopping $100 million in its first full year.  Microsoft was $3.5 million, Apple was […]

Nerium International’s latest 90-day contest winner!


  Teresa Box’s Nerium AD story! At the end of September 2012, I was forced to retire due to health issues. The pain in my body was relentless, but the pain in my heart seemed to drive deep into every aspect of my life. I felt lost and very lonely, with no sense of purpose. […]

Beautiful You Magazine Features Proven Anti-aging Nerium AD


  Beautiful You magazine features Nerium AD, a breakthrough skin care product.  Clinical trials by an independent lab show that this simple cream improves skin by 30% in 30 days!  Try it and with the 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.   The special ingredient that makes the product work so well […]

Emmy Award Winning Show The Doctors Features Nerium AD!

the doctors

  In a world where needles full of Botox and chemical peels and microdermabrasion are becoming the norm, along comes a plant based product that is easy to use with the science to back it up!  Nerium AD. Everyone wants to look good.  And they are willing to pay dearly for even small changes.  For […]

Looking for YOUR Microsoft Moment?

Betsy R. Smith-Nerium AD-

  Pinch me.  I have found myself at the right place at the right time for the very first time.  Ever wished you could have seen the future with Microsoft, Apple or Google?  Ever found yourself buying a lottery ticket even though you know the odds of winning are about the same whether you own […]

Random Acts of Happiness!


  You may have heard of the movement to do “random acts of kindness”?   Well, we are starting a sub group called “Random acts of Happiness”!   Jeff Olson, CEO of Nerium International, in his “spare” time launched a magazine called Live Happy, which is all about the science of happiness.  Over the last 15 […]

Pharmaceutical Reps Joining Forces with Nerium!


    Nerium International may not be the most unlikely home for those in the pharmaceutical field due to their exclusive arrangement with Nerium biotech.  Big pharma has been putting more and more pressure on its sales forces, cutting territories, adding more reps and making it more competitive within their own ranks. And people are […]

Nerium International Launching in Southeast Asia!


Nerium International Launching in Southeast Asia! Nerium International, a company that has broken just about every record just announced that in January they will be launching globally and Southeast Asia will be first!   Nerium is in the anti-aging business and the market for that is huge in the US, but is even bigger in […]

CBS Reports on HOT Anti-aging Nerium!!


In the News!  CBS Reports on HOT Anti-aging Nerium!!   Word is getting out!  The buzz and word of mouth sales have made Nerium the hottest new company in relationship marketing.  If you are looking for a ground floor opportunity with a proven track record, look no further! Nerium has broken records: The first company […]

Win An All Expense Paid Trip To A 5 Star Spa?


  Just 2 short years ago Nerium International banked the company on it’s REAL LIFE before and after pictures.  That single decision could have sunk the company.  But because the results are based on REAL science from a biotech company Jeff Olson and the other founders felt confident that they were safe.   The clinical […]