Audubon Society Continues Strong


 Audubon Society Continues Strong

 By Cindy Haynes

In the past year everything from climate change to the combo of Wind and Wildlife to the loss of habitats and the overcrowding of others, has occurred. And although there are a slew of organizations that focus on these subjects, and who work to make sure that the world and the animal kingdoms stay safe, it is still the National Audubon Society that leads the pack. They also rate very high in customer service.


I know, customer service shouldn’t really be a topic when it comes to saving the earth or being green or adopting pets, etc.; but the National Audubon Society has remained consistent, with presentations, videos, data, postings, etc.. It is they that have alerted citizens across the nation to America’s problems.


My own mind will forever see a condor bigger than life inside my local Audubon Society. I will forever remember the walks in the trees, listening to and for nature, and coming across the wolves that had been harmed that were now protected by the Road Trekin 2-King and Prince Beach Resort-Golf course-Kings Tavern-Ocean Terrace Grille-travel Marketing-article writing-Be First Inc-Advertising-Branding-Adventure-Road Trek-SEO-Society. Everything was beautiful. And, in a world where the news is a constant headache of nightmares – from wars to terrorism to losing our children to suicide – beauty is not only a necessity now, it’s become an absolute craving.


The National Audubon Society remains the absolute leading voice when it comes to the world of conservation. With their projects, magazine, and tireless workers offering that customer satisfaction – they stand behind the fact that our precious habitats need to be protected and preserved, so that the next generation can enjoy it just as much as I did.


It was far back in 1900, that Audubon achieved its first success. It was then that members urged the United States congress to pass legislation making interstate trafficking of illegally killed birds and animals a crime. They also prohibited the importation of non-native and potentially invasive species to the U.S.. If you think back at everything that has gone wrong with avian flues, etc., this was an extremely good win back then so that the U.S. wouldn’t be affected by future disease and death.


In 2013, we all know that the issues and challenges facing this nation are far more difficult to solve. The largest one being the fact that Congress became focused on rolling back environmental protections at the request of special interest groups and increasing industry.


Protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, protection of the grey wolf, reintroducing horse slaughter to this nation – these issues are causing extreme distaste and wrong decisions to be made.


The Audubon Society stands strong against these things. And by connecting people to nature for over forty years, they Road Trekin 4-King and Prince Beach Resort-Golf course-Kings Tavern-Ocean Terrace Grille-travel Marketing-article writing-Be First Inc-Advertising-Branding-Adventure-Road Trek-SEO-continue to be the driving force when it comes to the community appreciating wildlife.


By focusing on birds, wildlife, and habitats that will benefit the Earth’s biological diversity and humanity, the National Audubon Society is consistently trying to bring all people on board through education, conservation and environmental research. We need to encourage responsibility when it comes to saving our nation and stopping human errors that could be avoided when speaking about issues, such as wildfires.


One of the largest campaigns of the National Audubon Society is still their Climate Change Campaign. Leading scientists are working around the globe to bring the issue of man-made greenhouse gases being made from burning fossil fuels to a stop. The Audubon’s intent is to educate the world to understand that the longer we wait to solve problems, the harder it will be to save our planet.


Global warming is THE environmental challenge of our time. All experts believe or have shown, that achieving a “60-80% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 — with an interim cut of 15-20% by 2020” — is absolutely crucial. If this is not achieved, dire consequences will be the result.


In America, we face things head-on. We work together as our own society to try and make things better. So, even when you’re sick of the headlines you read, remember that the good things simply aren’t newsworthy to gather ratings. But the good is still out there, occurring on a daily basis.


From our society to the Audubon Society – let’s continue to work as a team to make sure America lasts.


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