Ancient Jewelry Found in The City of Megiddo

Archaeologists in Israel have discovered a trove of 3,000-year-old jewelry, including a ring and earrings, hidden in a ceramic jug near the ancient city of Megiddo, writes Daniela Berretta for the Associated Press (AP).

The unearthed jug was discovered at the site two years ago but was left in a laboratory while molecular analysis of its contents was performed. While cleaning, pieces of a gold ring, earrings and beads, dating to around 1100 B.C., poured out.

The find offers a rare glimpse into ancient Canaanite high society, says Israel Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University, who co-directed the dig. The fact the jewelry was found inside the jug suggested the owner hid them there. Finkelstein said the jewelry likely belonged to a Canaanite family. “We can guess that it was a rich family, probably belonging to the ruling elite,” he said.

Tel Aviv University declared the find as, “among the most valuable ever found from the Biblical period,” adding one piece in particular, a gold earring decorated with molded ibexes, or wild goats, is “without parallel.” Aren Maeir, an archaeologist at Bar Ilan University, said because the raw materials used aren’t from the area, the find “tells us about international relations … and about technical traditions used at the time.” Megiddo was an important trade center in ancient times.

Source: Redorbit


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