An Overview of Texas Crop Production


An Overview of Texas Crop Production


For the farmers, ranchers and investors out there who are wanting to purchase property in the Lone Star State, the knowledge of crop production and the market trends of that production, play an important factor in judging what land to buy and where. Landowners are dealing with a greater number of issues in the 21st century than they ever have before. From new laws to the difference between traditional and non-traditional agricultural outputs to the state of the American economic community – landowners are faced with more than a few questions in regards to what their farm or ranch needs in order to be a success.


It is important to note that crop production in Texas is actually less than 40 percent of the total value of the state’s agricultural output.  But when it comes to the crops bringing in the most money

Texas Cotton Field

Texas Cotton Field

for farmers: cotton, grain sorghum, corn and wheat actually account for a majority of the total crop receipts. That is not to say that hay, vegetables, rice, peanuts and others, should not also be researched. When looking into purchasing land and making the most successful farm possible in Texas, it is important to head into the industry with eyes wide open having a clear understanding of the crops, themselves, as well as the soil additives, water management, wildlife management and more, which comes along with the purchase.


For over a century, cotton has been synonymous with Texas crops. In fact, since around 1880, Texas has been responsible for producing the most, with today’s numbers being approximately one quarter of the entire cotton production in the United States. Being that cotton is the material necessary to operate oil mills, a few textile mills, gins and compresses, Texas cotton is machine harvested, with most of the crop being exported overseas. And with the continuing improvement in technology, the demand for export of Texas cotton continues to grow.


If interested in the production of corn crops, yields have improved greatly for decades, considering the new varieties being produced.  Grain sorghum, again, is a crop mostly exported, in addition to

Grain Sorghum

Grain Sorghum

being used in livestock and poultry feed throughout the state. The demand for corn has reached even higher proportions because of ethanol production.


Moving on to Texas wheat, farmers should note that this has become one of the most valuable cash crops over time. Wheat pastures are also utilized to improve the value of the landowner’s cattle, considering it provides the perfect amount of winter forage for the livestock being managed.


The area near Sherman, Texas can claim the first wheat crop production until it eventually became more extensive, moving farther and wider into North-Central Texas as farmers and ranchers increased settlements. In present day, almost half of the state’s wheat acreage is found on the High Plains with about a third being irrigated. And with the constant discovery and development of new and improved varieties that offer far more disease resistance, these crops have expanded into other Texas areas.


One more thing important for farmers to take note of is the fact that production of nursery crops are also expanding, which means foliage plants, sod, landscape and bedding plants are being demanded more and more often. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension specialists have shown the increase in figures when it comes to Texas nursery crops growing in size and value. After all, improving landscapes indoors is just as desirable as rejuvenating habitats outside the windows.


In the end, data necessary for the landowner to be successful comes from skilled and experienced people in the industry. And for buyers and sellers in the states of both Oklahoma and Texas, those experienced minds make up the team of Republic Ranches, LLC.


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