An Afternoon of Paddling

Yesterday was one of those perfect days of sun and a little breeze blowing off the gulf.  I had thrown the kayaks on the roof of the van, strapped them down and headed out to siesta key for an afternoon of paddling.

upon arriving at the Turtle Beach Access on the south end of Siesta Key start unloading the Kayaks watch one of the most interesting thing I have ever seen.  A fish called the Mullet jumping out of the water all over the place.  This seems to be a normal phenomena in this area.  Heck they even have Mullet Festivals, which I have not attended one yet.  As I paddled down the channel to the bay into the gulf, even the sea trout were jumping,  some of a very good size,  kept hoping for one to land in the kayak.   I spent the afternoon going in and out of Mangrove channels in an island in the bay, watching Osprey and Herons catching dinner for the day.



















































































































































































































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