Couple Confronts Rowdy Frat in Raunchy Revenge Comedy

Neighbors Film Review by Kam Williams   Couple Confronts Rowdy Frat in Raunchy Revenge Comedy               When Kelly (Rose Byrne) and Mac Radner (Seth Rogen) decided to settle down in suburbia, they reasonably expected to raise their newborn in a quiet community. But that dream was threatened soon thereafter, when the local chapter of Delta Psi Beta bought the house next-door.             As a precautionary measure, the … [Read More its Good for You.....]



Why Black English Is the King’s (James) English

What the Word Be: Why Black English Is the King’s (James) English by Diane Proctor Reeder Written Images Paperback, $19.95 200 pages ISBN: 978-1-4951-0505-0   Book Review by Kam Williams “Blacks came to the U.S. chained to each other but from different tribes. Neither could speak the other’s language. If two black people, at that bitter hour of the world’s history, had been able to speak to each other, the … [Read More its Good for You...]



Walk on White, Thursday March 20th 2014

  For our March Walk on White, we will be feauring works by Elizabeth Devries, Coco Eriksen, Helen Harrison, Vera Vasek, and more of your favorite Harrison Gallery artists. Like us on … [Read More its Good For You...]

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Georgia’s Falling Waters

  Georgia’s Falling Waters   Georgia’s premier Land Report Certified Community is the ultimate Blue Ridge Mountains getaway. There are countless reasons people love Atlanta. The home of CNN, Gone With the Wind, the Braves, the Falcons, and the Hawks, this sophisticated metropolis hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics. More recently, the city’s blend of fine dining and local fare have made Atlanta a destination for foodies of … [Read More its Good for You.....]



Steel Cut Oatmeal And Fruit: A Hearty-Healthy Breakfast

Steel Cut Oatmeal And Fruit: A Hearty-Healthy Breakfast ~ By Richard Hudson Quaker Steel Cut Oatmeal is a natural whole grain cereal. The oats are cut, not rolled. There are other brands of steel cut oats, but I’m used to the Quaker variety. It is relatively higher in fiber and protein content when compared to carbohydrate in most whole grain cereals. The low carbohydrate content makes it attractive for most calorie counters even while … [Read More its Good for You...]



The Outdoor-Lover Gets a Taste of the Real Wonders

The Outdoor-Lover Gets a Taste of the Real Wonders ~ ZZ Troutski Everyone has their favorite sport; they have their favorite activities, their favorite places to hunt for that mighty buck, and they have their chosen places of bliss where they can catch their bass and be left alone. But even with all the entertaining locations, parks and sights we have in the modern world, they can never really compare to the true wonders that travelers wish … [Read More its Good for You...]



The Quarterback Buzz

The Quarterback Buzz  ~ by Amy Lignor   There are many out there right now wondering about the QB role in the NFL. After all, these are the stars. These are the guys that actually get the ball down the field to the superstars waiting to receive it. Quarterbacks still own the minds of most NFL lovers. When thinking about the history of the sport, those quarterbacks and how they handled themselves on and off the field, are still the … [Read More its Good for You...]



Nerium Live Better Bonuses Doubled. $50K CASH BONUS!

Nerium Live Better Bonuses Doubled.  $50K CASH BONUS! ~ Betsy Smith And this month I earned it!!  The best part is the TEAM effort that it took.  It is not about me…but about our whole team working together.   Who does that?  What company these days puts MORE money back in your pocket?  Nerium does.  At just over 2 years old, Nerium has made changes to its compensation a few times during my stint and each time it is to pay us … [Read More its Good for You...]


The Giraffe

  Ah…Circus Animals! The mighty lion is King; roaring loudly at the small dude, he wants nothing more than to grab that whip and chair and show the guy exactly who’s boss! The elephants are the lumbering giants who bring awe and cheers from the crowd. But, the giraffe is…under-appreciated. Not only must he ride across the country in that big circus train with his head through the roof, getting all kinds of mosquitoes stuck in his teeth, … [Read More its Good for You...]

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Hunting is a Sport Not a Sci-Fi Film

Hunting is a Sport Not a Sci-Fi Film  ~ Samantha Lewis The ‘droning’ on about drones is continuing. But with each new week, there seems to be something brand new to focus on. Although there are many articles regarding drones being ‘green’, running on biofuels and diminishing the carbon footprint in this world - not to mention, delivering your Amazon packages, which is still seen as impossible by most - there is a new issue with drones that … [Read More its Good for You...]

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