A Smile is a Beautiful Thing….

A Smile is a Beautiful Thing….

by Carolyn Walker

smiling-thumbs-upWho can resist a beautiful smile? A smile gives back…It makes another smile …It brings happiness…and happiness is contagious. The world looks brighter, more vibrant.  Want to improve the beauty of those around you and your surroundings, want to do it naturally, one person at a time? Want to create REAL smiles? Lasting smiles? Smiles that Give back? Tell them about Nerium’s Age-defying night cream.  Share a bottle so they can experience it for themselves. Then stand back, watch how it goes to work improving the appearance of their skin, watch the smile spread across their face, watch the glow grow. And that is just from the use of Nerium AD-night cream- the glow spreads to a huge smile once the next person pays it forward and Nerium Gives Back by sending free bottles to the one who was the bearer of the good news.  That’s right, preferred customers who have 3 preferred customers under them receive a free bottle of Nerium, and brand partners also have a program that funds their business. So make the world a more beautiful place by helping others break into huge smiles, look their best, earn free product and earn money for all the things that are important to them. Then watch the smiles grow! Watch your friends start to smile and dream again. Watch them become truly alive with joy! Those “thank you’s “from others will help you to smile from ear to ear, lighting up your life, too.

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