A small slice of the educational and entertaining summer camp for future thespians!

In July, 2013, at UC Irvine, this fantastic opportunity allows actors to embrace the art of theater. The U.S. Performing Arts Theatre Summer Camp offers various activities and intensive training in the craft of acting. Theater games, opening the door to understanding the work of dramatic icons, such as Shakespeare, as well as learning improvisational skills that allow your interior ‘clown’ to shine – all the workshops provided are designed to engage and incite the creative imagination of each student.

Under the guidance of the acclaimed UC Irvine Drama faculty, students get to explore performance techniques that will increase their ability to work in both drama and comedy; not to mention, learn character analysis, movement and stage combat.

UCI Theater 1 from US Performing Arts on Vimeo.

Leaving the stereotypical behind, students will be able to release their sense of play, surprising themselves with their own talented impulses. Take a look at this incredible experience for actors to better understand the arts, and experience the true joy of performing!

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