A Great Hunting and Sporting Clays opportunity for the whole family!


A Great Hunting and Sporting Clays opportunity for the whole family!

Pheasant and Quail Hunting Opportunities in Georgia

One of the most beautiful spots in America can be found in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains an hour north of Atlanta, where sportsmen and their families can view majestic scenery while having the time of their lives.


511549cd84684f1ba19c4a271e39920aEtowah Valley Game Preserve, offers sportsmen secluded hunting fields, with over half the area in natural cover, including pastures, woodlands, pine and hardwoods for the more experienced hunter to roam.  Etowah Valley Game Preserve is the perfect spot for hunting quail, pheasant, and chukar. With row after row of sorghum, millet, and other crops, combined with natural cover, hunters are provided with a fantastic bird hunting experience. And with over 650 acres, yielding nine hunting areas that range in size from forty to ninety acres, hunters of all ages and skill levels receive a great hunting experience that will have them coming back each and every year.


Etowah Valley Game Preserve is very committed to the “family hunt,” wanting to help families create memories that will be passed down from generation to generation. With half-day and full-day hunts designed for two to four hunters per field and experienced guides with extremely well-trained dogs, will provide an extra special hunt and solid success. Everyone enjoys watching the dogs work the fields and make a point! From German Shorthairs to English Pointers to Brittany Spaniels and Labs, these incredible canines make the hunt even better.


But that’s not all that awaits you in the “Etowah Valley”. Only minutes away is the Etowah Valley Sporting Clays Park. Against the stunning1d96749e1c3a4b0f8fba25ecd43c33b8 backdrop of those Georgia Mountains, hunters have several choices of several packages to choose. One of the most popular is the “Clays and Feathers” package combining both the Preserve hunt and the Sporting Clays course, that offer a little bit of everything to challenge the most experienced sportsman.


Etowah Valley Sporting Clays operates from an Amish-style lodge that sits in this picturesque setting, open year round that’s perfect for holding special functions for sportsman, families and business.  Built in the summer of 2005 by hand, the lodge sports natural wooden beams and a rustic stone fireplace. With a full kitchen, gas grills and seating for 100, it is great for everything from conferences to weddings.


511549cd84684f1ba19c4a271e39920aEtowah Valley Sporting Clays Park is a thrilling experience for those who wish to be in the great outdoors and want to learn all there is to know about shotgun shooting. Think…the love of golf, yet with a shotgun instead of a club, and you will better understand the sport.  Etowah Valley Sporting Clays has two courses which consist of fourteen different shooting stations. Unlike skeet and trap shooting, each sporting clays station provides the extra challenge of two different targets simulating many hunting situations for the shooter.  A fun, unique sport, these courses offer great practice for the hunter, including  targets representing birds in flight, crossing targets and even rabbits, to name just a few.


But the two main courses are not all; there is a Five Stand for warm-up, as well as the short green course for practice, and the Etowah Valley Sporting Clays Park has instructors that are available for the novice to help them get started, as well as to aid the more experienced if needing to adjust or boost your skills.

Exciting. Memorable. Beautiful. With the Etowah Valley Game Preserve and the Etowah Valley Sporting Clays Park, there is something for every member of the family to enjoy and is a wonderful way to start building family memories.


Create your adventure today, check out to find out more about the hunting and shooting packages offered, availability, rates and details.


Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle


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