50,000 Call on Pandora to Stop Ads for Medical Fraud Centers That Mislead Women

50,000 Call on Pandora to Stop Ads for Medical Fraud Centers That Mislead Women

UltraViolet Members Urge Pandora to Stop Airing Fraudulent Ads that Target Women

in Need of Birth Control, Abortion Services


PandoraradioNearly 50,000 UltraViolet members are calling on Pandora to pull ads for Bethany Christian Services, a medical fraud center which poses as an adoption agency but in reality exists to tell women lies about abortion and birth control. The
push comes after Google and Yahoo agreed to drop similar ads because of false advertising.

“We are calling on Pandora to stop misleading their listeners by airing advertisements for medical fraud centers that entrap women,” said Nita Chaudhary, co-founder of UltraViolet. “These centers are predatory organizations that commonly claim to offer abortion and contraception services, where none are available, in order to lure women in to hear the groups’ extreme views. Every day Pandora fails to take action more women are at risk.”

The centers, commonly referred to as “crisis pregnancy centers,” have been revealed to not offer any abortion or birth control services and in fact instead have been reported to offer gross misinformation and lies about those very services.

Some of the reported lies told to women at these medical fraud centers include: 

  • Abortion causes breast cancer. (False.)
  • Abortion can lead to sterility. (False.)
  • Birth-control pills cause abortion. (False.)

See the petition signed by 48,670 UltraViolet members here:

For more information, or for interviews with UltraViolet, please contact Molly Haigh at or .





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