Stokely: A Life ~by Peniel E. Joseph


Stokely: A Life by Peniel E. Joseph Basic Books Hardcover, $29.99 414 pages, Illustrated ISBN: 978-0-465-01363-0   Book Review by Kam Williams   “It was Thursday, June 16, 1966… Less than a year before, President Lyndon Johnson had signed the Voting Rights Act… Stokely Carmichael was now in Mississippi to ensure that the federal laws… […]

Be First Social Media Team Means Being Safe


Be First Social Media Team Means Being Safe ~ James Moore Your business is not, and should not be treated as a Hollywood life. Unfortunately, for some businesses, they use a Hollywood/celebrity in their campaigns, and the effects can be horrific.   Everyone remembers two particular ad campaigns from the past. One was a campaign […]

UCONN: The Meryl Streep of the NCAA


UCONN: The Meryl Streep of the NCAA ~ Amy Lignor Meryl Streep is brought up in all conversations when it comes to fantastic acting. When you switch gears to the college basketball realm, it is the UCONN Huskies that are looked at as the Streep of their industry, except for the fact that they have […]

A True Wordsmith Offers up Suspicion


A True Wordsmith Offers up Suspicion  ~ Amy Lignor There are many authors who take a reader ‘slowly into that good night’. However, the real genius knows how to create the ultimate lead-in. They are the wordsmiths who can, in one page or one paragraph, grab the reader’s attention and never let go. This is […]

The Rites of Spring…Cleaning


The Rites of Spring…Cleaning ~ Samantha Lewis For those in the East, the term ‘Spring’ is not at all on their lips when they keep turning on the television weather and seeing the next, brand new snowstorm headed their way. For the rest of us, however, spring brings with it a great deal of fun, […]

Annual Report ranks St. Johns County #1 in Florida


COUNTY HEALTH RANKINGS REPORT RELEASED TODAY – Annual Report ranks St. Johns County #1 in Florida –   ST. AUGUSTINE – For the third year in a row, St. Johns County has been ranked #1 in Florida in the Annual County Health Rankings Report released today by the University of Wisconsin and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.   […]

Out of the Box


  Out of the Box Well, looks like Jack finally did it!  After all those years of being of being stuffed back into the box, he found escape. Good ‘ol Jack in the Box, have you ever wondered who the sicko was that invented such a bizarre toy to scare the crap out of children?  […]

Misty en Pointe


Misty Copeland The “Life in Motion” Interview with Kam Williams   Misty en Pointe   Born in Kansas City, Missouri on September 10, 1982, Misty Copeland Is a soloist at the American Ballet Theatre. A recipient of the Leonore Annenberg Fellowship in the Arts, Misty is also an inductee into the Boys and Girls Club Alumni […]

FaceLuXe Provides the Framework for Those Sparkling Eyes


FaceLuXe Provides the Framework for Those Sparkling Eyes ~ Carmen Schwarz The eyes are the central core of the face. They are the spark-filled beauty that show emotion. They can be trusted, they can be loved, and they can cause magic to happen.   Every face is different surrounding these orbs. Every skin tone, forehead, bone […]

Lucinda Williams to play the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall


   Lucinda Williams to play the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall  Ponte Vedra Beach, FL — GRAMMY Award winning singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams will perform at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall on Sunday, May 25 at 8:00PM. Lucinda Williams has always been adept at painting landscapes of the soul, illuminating the spirit’s shadowy nooks and shimmering crannies […]