The Old is Still a New Inspiration for the Collector


  by Samantha Lewis Being from an area that is completely set in the world of antiquing, this writer can say that New England is a maze of small shops, old garages, broken-down attics and back rooms that have within them a multitude of 1700’s and up, collectibles. What many once called junk (the people […]

Bear Bath with Brutus


    by Sherry Gillam It was mid October when I first met Brutus & his bear friends.  So very many times I have passed this place, which is only about 15 min east of Bozeman and located just off the interstate.  Seemed like such a “tourist trap”, so I had never even considered visiting […]

Animal Hoarding – A Form of Cruelty and Abuse


  The following story was published on by Denise Carey-Costa and is reposted here with the author’s permission. Animal hoarders exist in just about every community. At one time they were merely looked upon as well-intentioned people who were overwhelmed by the animal overpopulation crisis, and wanted to do their best to save these […]

Kaleidocide By Dave Swaverly Brings Back ‘Blade Runner’ Action


    This sequel continues Swaverly’s amazing work first presented in Silhouette. For those who are unaware of this technologically abundant series, all you need to do is think of ‘Blade Runner;’ a movie that proved to everyone the terrors and oddities our future may bring.   Main character, Michael Ares, is what you would […]

Film: ‘M*A*S*H’ at South Florida Museum, Bradenton, February 28


  Date: February 28, 2014 Time: 6:00 pm/8:00 pm M*A*S*H (1970) Rated R, 116 minutes. The staff of a mobile army surgical hospital (MASH) unit use humor and hijinks to keep their sanity in the face of the gruesome realities of the Korean War. M*A*S*H, directed by Robert Altman and starring Donald Sutherland, Elliott Gould […]

Gen-Next Fiber Reinforced Concrete


In seeking a more cost-effective way to build blast-resistant buildings for the petrochemical industry, ICF Concrete Additives tapped a military technology and applied it successfully to the civilian market and discovered HiperLon™ fiber completely revolutionizes the way concrete is placed, in all applications. Fiber has been added to concrete since the Romans used horse hair […]

A True Artist Understands Wildlife Photography


   by Troutski Whether professional or hobbyist, the art of wildlife photography is just that – the creation of works of art that capture the beauty of Mother Nature and all the critters she oversees.   However, nature/wildlife photography and landscape photography are two different forms of this artistic creation. When it comes to wildlife […]



  FEATURING JERRY DOUGLAS ANNOUNCE CO-HEADLINING CONCERT IN SAINT AUGUSTINE Music legends and Grammy Award winning artists Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss & Union Station Featuring Jerry Douglas will be touring together throughout the spring and summer. The 35 city U.S. tour will make a stop at the Saint Augustine Amphitheatre in Saint Augustine, Florida […]

For movies opening February 21, 2014


  OPENING THIS WEEK Kam’s Kapsules: Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun by Kam Williams For movies opening February 21, 2014 BIG BUDGET FILMS   3 Days to Kill (PG-13 for sensuality, profanity and intense violence) McG directs this espionage thriller by Luc Besson about an ailing spy (Kevin Costner) who grudgingly agrees to crack a […]

Quintet of Oscar-Winners Co-Star in Bawdy Buddy Comedy


  Last Vegas DVD Review by Kam Williams Quintet of Oscar-Winners Co-Star in Bawdy Buddy Comedy   Billy (Michael Douglas), Paddy (Robert De Niro), Archie (Morgan Freeman) and Sam (Kevin Kline), inseparable since growing up in Flatbush back in the Fifties, have managed to remain close over the years despite the demands of families and careers. That’s […]