What do you think the SHARKS would say about Nerium International?


~by Betsy Smith Attention SHARK TANK FANS What do you think the SHARKS would say about Nerium International? Question one: First year sales? $100 Million with one product. Question two: How much can I make from my investment? We have people who have earned the LIVE BETTER bonus worth $25K-$1 million and invested only $500. […]

The Pomp & Circumstance of the Olympics…Costs


   by Amy Lignor After watching the Olympics held in the United Kingdom – the pomp, the circumstance, the beauty of the creations they made there to support and salute the athletes from around the globe, it seemed as if it was actually the most expensive Olympic Games on record. However…when we talk about the […]

Courier Delivers Package for Crime Boss in Multi-Layered Neo-Noir

  The Bag Man Film Review by Kam Williams Courier Delivers Package for Crime Boss in Multi-Layered Neo-Noir At first blush, The Bag Man reads a lot like The Transporter, the 2002 action film about a courier hired by a mobster to deliver a mysterious package without opening it. After all, the title character of […]

Bode Miller, Yet Again, Does America Proud


  by Amy Lignor People know Bode Miller. They know him on the slopes and in the Olympics; they know him from a slew of other accolades. It seems odd – almost as odd as talking about Peyton Manning’s eventual retirement from the NFL – that Bode Miller may not compete in the next Winter […]

The Week in St Augustine, February 24 – March 2 2014

      February 24, 2014 Tuesday - Sunday : February 24 – March 2 “We the People” at the IMAX Theater -   Journey: 450 Years of the African American Experience covers the long and storied history of African-Americans in St. Augustine. The story of African-Americans begins in St. Augustine with the first Africans both free and slave among founding […]

BRASOUL: Jazz at MOCA, North Miami, February 28


  Date: February 28, 2014 Time: 8:00 pm FREE RAIN or SHINE BraSouL is a collaboration project for the love of brazlilian music. Soulful songs from Djavan, Gilberto Gil, Seu Jorge to Bob Marley and Michael Jackson mixed with capoeira chants and sounds of a Berimbau. BraSouL is a collaboration between two multifaceted musicians in […]

Ron Howard Retro Race Thriller Released on DVD


  Rush DVD Review by Kam Williams Ron Howard Retro Race Thriller Released on DVD   Back in the Seventies, a couple of racecar drivers as different from each other as Dudley Do-Right and Snidely Whiplash became sworn adversaries on the Formula 1 circuit. England’s James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) was a brash daredevil willing to put his life […]

A Green Kitchen Can Help Stop Childhood Obesity


   by Carmen Schwartz There are so many things out there to save energy in your own home. From geothermal heating and cooling systems to using LED lights, the list is endless. Even in this day and age of fast food – however unlikely this fact may seem – people still spend a great amount […]

Plague Ship by Leonard Goldberg is a Thrill Ride at Sea


    A little advice: When you sit down to read this one, make sure you’re in a comfortable chair, because you will not stop reading once this thrill ride begins.   Starting out with a flock of birds soaring over the Atlantic, one of the elegant flyers begins to lose altitude and fall toward […]

I Feel the Need For Speed – Click!


  by James Moore ‘Click velocity’ is a term that’s been floating around forever when it comes to the social media world. In other words, the faster someone clicks and ‘likes’ something – whether it be your content, articles, or Facebook presence – the more people will read and the more people will then click. […]