DR Power Equipment


Stockpile wood and save money with new log splitters from DR Power Fall is in the air. That means the time is now to begin stockpiling wood for home heating. You can do that economically while saving time with the new lineup of log splitters from DR Power. Performance and price are standout features of […]

DR RapidFire Log Splitter


You know you have a winner when satisfied customers eagerly share their experiences with a new product. That’s what’s happening with the DR Power RapidFire Log Splitter. The reasons why are simple. It’s the world’s fastest log splitter. There’s more to this hybrid, breakout machine than speed: it’s powerful. And when speed and force are […]

Leaf Collection: Blower vs. Vacuum


Leaf blowers are effective for blowing leaves into manageable piles. Gas and electric models are available, although gas-powered units are more common. Blowers are a logical choice for smaller yards where leaves can be collected in a few piles. Leaf blowers have shortcomings, however. Leaves must be bagged and hauled away to a municipal collection […]

To ‘Go Green’ This Holiday Just Go GREEN


   by Amy Lignor I, like others out there, have walked down both ‘roads’ when it comes to hauling that Christmas tree home. One road is located in the not-yet-frozen tundra (but sill massively cold) woodland area. Now, this can mean your own timberland or the lovely Christmas tree farms that are in business just […]

Harlem Street Portraits


  Harlem Street Portraits by Harvey Stein Foreword by Herb Boyd Afterword by Miss Rosen Schiffer Publishing Hardcover, $45.00 192 pages, Illustrated ISBN: 978-0-7643-4487-9   Book Review by Kam Williams   “With a population of nearly half a million people, Harlem is America’s most celebrated African-American neighborhood. Its rich past and historical importance have made a unique contribution […]

A Matter of Life or Death:

  Why Black Men Must Save Black Boys in America’s Public Schools Edited by Dr. Michael W. Nellums and Dr. Walter Milton, Jr. One-L Group Paperback, $19.99 192 pages ISBN: 978-0-9898504-0-7   Book Review by Kam Williams   “Life for many black boys is akin to a war. Wars on their minds, souls, spirits and yes, even […]

The Social Media Team’s Back to Basics

   by James Moore It is no wonder that small businesses are getting lost in the social media shuffle. It seems like every day new ideas, platforms, networks and more, arrive on the scene. There are companies sprouting up offering the ‘best of’ campaigns, and each CEO/owner out there is wondering what on earth they’re […]

12 Street-Smart Recipes for Success

  If You Can See It, You Can Be It 12 Street-Smart Recipes for Success by Chef Jeff Henderson Smiley Books Hardcover, $26.95 360 pages, Illustrated ISBN: 978-1-4019-4060-7   Book Review by Kam Williams   “People want to know how a youngster from poverty, who failed his way through public school, got caught up in the 80’s […]

The Southern Hospitality That Caters to Human, Wildlife, and Country


  by Eric Nelson Benjy Griffith is a name held in high esteem when it comes to the realm of American landowners. He was the epitome of the southern gentleman — and his descendants have proven that they, too, have the manners and loyalty that come along with skill, invention, ingenuity and a business sense […]

For movies opening November 22, 2013


  OPENING THIS WEEK Kam’s Kapsules: Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun by Kam Williams     BIG BUDGET FILMS   Delivery Man (PG-13 for profanity, sexuality, drug use, mature themes and brief violence) Vince Vaughn plays the title character in this baby-daddy comedy as a slacker who finds himself the subject of a class-action […]