Bittersweet Biopic Paints Evenhanded Post Mortem on Life and Times of Late NYC Mayor

  Koch DVD Review by Kam William   Ed Koch (1924-2013) was the mayor of New York from 1978 to 1989, a three-term tenure over the course of which the city was beset by everything from racial strife to urban decay to the AIDS epidemic. To some, a feisty leader like Koch was precisely the right remedy […]

Geothermal Technology Experiences the Ultimate Road Trip


A road trip is a fun thing for the family to take. Every state can be entered and enjoyed, and the U.S. begins to look truly united as you meet and greet people from all different parts of the country. Technology can also take a road trip of sorts. State-of-the-art technology can be discovered in […]

With ClimateMaster Home Improvements Can Pay Off Big


There are so many stories out there; the remodeling or home improvement ‘nightmares’ that simply went incredibly wrong. Bad choices were made in labor, cost of materials, or the ‘do-it-yourself’ fiascos that made your home look far worse than it ever had before. However, with every nightmare comes a success story. Whether it be the […]

Old House or New, ClimateMaster Benefits the Homeowner


This Old House is one of the most trusted names when it comes to the realm of building and remodeling. American homeowners love to receive the expert advice on everything from home improvements to upgrades. Basically, they learn all the survival skills they need to know to save money and improve their home. Just by […]

The Hardest Step- the first step


The Hardest Step- the first step That first step toward realizing your vision—can seem monumental and indeed it is usually the hardest step, but fortunately, the next is easier and the next easier and on and on—because as we all learned a long time ago—an object in motion stays in motion. Nerium International is “an […]

ClimateMaster Discusses Major Selling Points for Homeowners


Made in America; this phrase is still highly important and highly sought-after by consumers when it comes to all industries. And one company that has the American consumer ‘buzzing’ is a fifty-year-old ‘master’ when it comes to the HVAC industry. The chatter is all over, as homeowners learn everything there is to know about a […]

ClimateMaster Keeps Geothermal Technology Moving Forward


In every industry, one of the reasons why companies become a success and move forward is by advancing their technology. And when it comes to the HVAC industry, the company that’s continuously advancing its technology is ClimateMaster. Geothermal heating and cooling technology has been around for decades, yet it took the skill and expertise of […]

This Weekend in St Augustine, September 29, 2013

September 9, 2013 Monday - Sunday : September 9 – 15 Great White Shark 3D and Tornado Alley 3D at the IMAX Theater - Two thrilling films, one GIANT experience - Great White Shark 3D and Tornado Alley 3D! Purchase any full-priced ticket to one documentary and get the second for only $1. Check the website for the daily show schedule at World Golf Hall of […]

Drop Box at NC Animal Control Working as Dump for ‘Unwanted’ Animals


  We currently live in a high speed society. Everyone wants everything to happen instantly without any effort or responsibility. Think about it. We have drop boxes to return DVDs, drop boxes to make deposits into our bank accounts, and drop boxes to return library books. But what about a drop box to dispose of […]

In a Binary Comp Plan? This Is A Must Read!


In a Binary Comp Plan?  This Is A Must Read! Having been in a binary and always feeling like something was just plain wrong, I was grateful that Jeff Olson, icon in the relationship marketing industry and best selling author of The Slight Edge finally put in words what I had been thinking.   Jeff […]