Shakespeare Ugly Stik


Tough. Indestructible. To describe a fishing rod, those are uncommon words. But they fit the Ugly Stik. When you’ve been ugly for 37 years, the name and the reputation stick. That’s right. The Shakespeare Ugly Stik has been around since 1976. That’s when broken rod tips virtually became a thing of the past. It’s when […]

Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair – An Empowering Story for Children with Special Needs

cinderalla magical wheelchair

Major accidents, injuries, and illnesses in early life, all have the debilitating potential to run rings of fear around a child and imprison them in a cage of low-self-esteem and negative self-image. Here is one book for children that liberates them from fear and brings them the message of hope and confidence. Winner of the […]

Abu Garcia For Life


Superior. Renowned. Legendary. Each of these words defines Abu Garcia. From its inception on the banks of the Mörrum River in Svängsta, Sweden, Abu Garcia, then AB Urfabriken, has grown to become a reel powerhouse. Coveted by fisherman spanning the globe, it’s obvious that at Abu Garcia fishing is life, and life is fishing. A […]

Remembering Wicca on First Anniversary of Killing in Montreal


  Denise-Carey Costa remembers the reckless killing of Wicca in Montreal, Canada, last year and how the tragedy led to the determination to help helpless dogs who face life-threatening situations. The summer of 2012 was a horrific time for Pit Bulls and owners of Pit bulls. Between June and July three peaceful companion animals from different parts […]

‘Repair for KIDS’ to be Used in Group Therapy for Kids

Repair for Kids

Marjorie McKinnon’s book Repair for Kids: A Children’s Program for Recovery from Incest and Childhood Sexual Abuse (Loving Healing Press, 2008) will now be used in a therapy group for children in Atlanta, GA. The therapy group is supervised by Joyce Carroll, an experienced, certified health counselor and recovery trainer. Recovering the Self had the […]

Salon Owners Can Easily Add Over $30K To Their Bottom Line!


Salon Owners Can Easily Add Over $30K To Their Bottom Line!   Check out this chart that shows the math.  With just 10 new Nerium AD customers a month they can add over $17K in residual income to their bottom line.  And thanks to the Nerium Gives Back program they will receive an additional $15K […]

Haul That Bruin


  Haul That Bruin   It’s no secret that whitetail deer are the most sought after creature on earth. However, growing in popularity both east and west of the Mississippi is the black bear. With black bear populations on the rise and tags, in many states, easy to get, more hunters are seeking after a […]

July 26 2013, Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun


  OPENING THIS WEEK Kam’s Kapsules: by Kam Williams For movies opening July 26, 2013     BIG BUDGET FILMS   The Wolverine (PG-13 for sexuality, profanity and intense violence) Sixth installment in Marvel Comics’ X-Men franchise, set in Japan, finds Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) stripped of his invincibility and locked in a life or death battle with a […]

Facial reconstruction of Jane, a young female Jamestown colonist


   Facial reconstruction of Jane, a young female Jamestown colonist   Stephen Rouse, specialist in 3D modeling for medical applications, utilizes images from a CT scan to digitally reconstruct Jane’s splintered cranium so a 3D model of the skull can be generated. Ivan Schwartz of StudioEIS then explains how they are able to create a […]

Increase Sales by Improving Your Tonality


  Increase Sales by Improving Your Tonality and Your Beliefs Before the Sales Call by Dan Caramanico Proper tonality increases sales effectiveness. From cold calling to closing, tonality plays a major role generating sales. Go to to find out more about it. This video gives a couple of examples of how your self-limiting beliefs can betray […]