How Much Is Your BIZ Costing You?

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How much is your biz costing you?

—by Carolyn Walker

6505382-home-expensesMy company sends me free product to replenish my inventory. This is truly an industry breakthrough. Nerium International has done this industry breakthrough  through their Nerium Gives Back program. The company replenishes its distributors (called Brand Partners) inventory FOR FREE!!!  As their distributors enroll new customers and distributors, they earn free product. Jeff Olson, Founder and CEO says,” This is just another way that Nerium works to create partnerships with our brand partners. We are so confident in our product and opportunity that we give our brand partners an almost unfair advantage.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg— the other great advantage—is the comp plan that pays so well to new distributors-too many times most of the monies paid in these types of businesses is paid out to the top people who have been around a long time–  more money in the back end of the comp plan. It is discouraging to the new person hearing about all the money the very few are earning while they are struggling to pay back their investment, learn the biz, figure out how to work doing the biz into their already busy lives, talk to new people, learn about the company and product, figure out how to keep tract of biz expenses… it can be overwhelming..

Nerium makes it simple: all info online, 1 product, and a tax program in their high end back office to track expenses, and free inventory as you build the biz. So, how much is your biz costing you?

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