For Design, Building & Architectural Companies LEED Takes the Lead!

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For Design, Building & Architectural Companies LEED Takes the Lead!


With a company coming to my attention recently – MP Global Products and their QuietWalk flooring system – the work that designers, contractors and building companies are doing is growing more and more inspiring as the years roll on. This is one industry that most assuredly works their proverbial overalls off to create innovative ideas for building products and supplies that not only are beautiful for the home and work extremely efficiently, but are also absolutely ‘green.’ They are taking the time and putting in the energy and intelligence to provide the world with the best in flooring, paints, walls – everything you can think of on the spectrum of home ideas and innovations that will reduce our carbon footprint and provide the best eco-friendly products at the best prices.


The words “LEED certified,” or “earning LEED points” show up and more and more on building and design supply websites, because the credits and approval of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is something they are fighting to achieve. For those who don’t quite know the intricacies of the LEED system, it is actually a group of rating systems/programs that were established for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings, homes…heck, even entire communities.


What started as a development of the United States Green Building Council, LEED became the ‘system’ that provides building owners and operators a perfect ‘frame’ they can use to identify and implement practical ‘green’ designs – whether that fall under the category of building, construction, operations or maintenance solutions.


In the past fourteen years, it has been the U.S. Green Building Council that has expanded to the point where they now ‘watch over’ development and construction projects in the United States and thirty other countries. It was the Green Building Certification Institute established by the Council that created a series of ‘tests’ to allow individuals to become LEED accredited. LEED has evolved to more accurately represent and incorporate emerging ‘green’ building technologies and today consists of nine rating systems.


After four years of development, aligning credits across LEED rating systems and weighting credits based on environmental priority has become a must for innovators who are working to create products and supplies that receive LEED credits and LEED certification for professionals in the building/design/architecture fields.


There are literally thousands of products and supplies on the market that are eco-friendly and have received high rankings in the LEED tests/exams. These are products and supplies that everyone from the massive construction company to the do-it-yourself ‘weekend warrior’ are utilizing each and every day. QuietWalk, which is what I mentioned earlier, is a flooring system that, quite literally, is one of the most innovative products for the designer/architect, allowing MP Global Products to top the list in eco-friendly building materials.


The QuietWalk laminate floor underlayment is a revolution in the industry. Smoothing out all concrete/sub floor imperfections, such as protruding pebbles, it also quiets impact sound and floor to ceiling noise. Reducing sound, deadening those ‘noisy neighbors,’ and offering amazing moisture barrier protection when installed over concrete floors – QuietWalk is both easy to install and absolutely perfect for the building and design industries. On the eco-friendly side of things, this is truly a sustainable product that’s manufactured with 94% recycled content and has earned LEED points in ‘green’ house projects. In addition, MP Global Products saves homeowners 30 to 50% on their energy bill with ETL approved heating elements that are non-metallic.


When it comes to green roofing systems, there are many eco-friendly companies out there that offer fantastic products, as well. Dura-Foam makes ‘green’ roof systems as well as spray foam insulation and photovoltaic solar power. Construction performed by Dura-Foam is sustainable, using environmentally friendly materials, diverting landfill waste, and saving energy. Atlas Roofing manufactures “Green Polyiso” insulation for a variety of building applications, including low slope roofing systems, nailable roofing systems and much more. The Green Products Company manufactures a full line of acoustical insulating materials including the Echo Eliminator series of wall panels, hanging baffles and eggcrate panels. And BuildBlock Building Systems offers ICFs that can help contribute to LEED certification for your building as well as offering wall bracing, waterproofing, radiant flooring, and drains. And the list goes on.


All in all, LEED can be thanked for a great many things. And, in the end, more and more businesses across all markets are working diligently to help our community and our children by ‘Going GREEN!’

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