Boxers to be Euthanized in Monroe for Defending Owner’s Property

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Since April this year, four boxer dogs have been held at the local animal control in Monroe, MI, as they are accused of being vicious for biting a teenage girl who happened to be on their property while the owner wasn’t home.

One of Timothy’s accused boxer dogs in Monroe

The story did not get media coverage except for a brief report on Action News Channel 7 which did not include the owner’s side of the story. But now, after months of struggling to get justice and failing in his quest, the owner is turning to gather public support before his dogs are killed by the animal control.

The Journal of Humanitarian Affairs published the untold story of how Timothy Iocoangeli’s pet dogs were seized by the Monroe County Animal Control in April this year when two teenage friends of his son – a boy and a girl – tried to get inside the house while neither Iocoangeli nor his son was home. Acting on their defensive instincts, a female boxer named Brooklyn inside the house bit the girl who tried to enter the house; the Channel 7 story tells she was inside the house when the Brooklyn, the mom of 5 young pups – attacked her. Yet, says the owner, the animal control, seized all his dogs including the litter of 5 pups and caged them at the pound where he has not been allowed to visit them.

Iocoangeli’s appeals were turned down by the animal control and courts and he says that no independent assessment of the dogs was made by an expert in dog behavior. A source present in the court says that testimony was brought against three dogs to have bitten the girl – which was accepted as true without evidence. But even if the three were dangerous, why the fourth one is being euthanized and why the puppies were seized and whether they will be killed too – if still alive – are questions unanswered, even unasked by media or explained by authorities as is the question of trespassing in which case the dogs can’t be deemed dangerous by the city’s own laws.

With no more appeals at hand, the declared-dangerous boxers are helplessly waiting for help – which perhaps won’t come except in from of death. As a final effort in the desperate struggle for the dogs, an online petition addressing City of Monroe, Mayor Robert E. Clark and County Commissioners has been launched to ask the authorities to spare the dogs’ lives. It is feared that Monroe Animal Control will euthanize all the dogs this week and even continue to hold charges of keeping dangerous dogs in home against Timothy Iocoangeli. But how dangerous are his dogs? Perhaps the picture of one of them included with this post shows better.

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32 Responses to Boxers to be Euthanized in Monroe for Defending Owner’s Property

  1. Meaghan Edwards

    This is such BS. Don’t want to get bitten? Don’t break into a house.

  2. Kerri

    WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! Release the boxers to the Iocoangeli’s and the city needs to pay for all vetting required as a result of wrongful confiscation of this family’s loved pets.
    Trespassing is a violation of the law – PERIOD! The risk and consequences of trespassing on anothers property is to be bared by the perpetrator NOT THE VICTIM or their animals!

  3. Wendy

    This is very upsetting to me! These animals are hero’s, they were only doing what came naturally by protecting the ones that they loved. Do not put these babies down! RELEASE THESE BABIES BACK TO THEIR FAMILY~~~

  4. George

    Where is the justice for the dogs. Humans are innocent until proven guilty…what about the dogs. They need a fair assesment by a qualified animal behavior specialist. Also a review by the police of the trespassing issue. If the Teens were on the property without permission by the owner then they are wrong…simple as that! How are the dogs behaving at the animal shelter; I bet they are as good as can be, knowing the boxer as I do.

  5. George

    Where is the justice for the dogs. Humans are innocent until proven guilty…what about the dogs. Also a review by the police of the trespassing issue. If the Teens were on the property without permission by the owner then they are wrong…simple as that! How are the dogs behaving at the animal shelter?

  6. Cassie

    I would like to think of myself as a minor animal activist, and shared this story willingly on facebook, as well as signed a petition for these dogs. It took a few days of calling back and forth but I finally got ahold of the Mayor of Monroe. He told me what I expected to hear, “I don’t tell the police how to do their job and they don’t tell me how to do mine”. Well, fine. I called the Animal Control of Monroe and spoke with the woman in charge there. I asked her to tell me the story from top to bottom of what the police report stated (more or less). She told me that the owner was not home. The owners son and his girlfriend were at the house and the son had his friend and his friends girlfriend (the girl who was attacked) coming over. When the friend and his girlfriend arrived the son of the owner of the dogs asked his friend if he could borrow his car so he and his girlfriend could run to the store. The friend said yes and off they went. They friend and his girlfriend were waiting in the yard but then the friend had to use the restroom. Since he was friend with the owners son and knew the dogs he was comfortable enough to go into their home with the dogs. What he didn’t expect was the dogs to rush past him out of the door as he opened it and attack his girlfriend. He immeadiately ran to his girlfriend and tried to place himself in between the dogs and the girl, and was bitten as well in the process. The woman at the Animal Control told me that the doctor stopped counting after 200 stitches in the girl..her leg looked like meatloaf, and the dogs were within inches of hitting main arteries, which would have caused her to die. And it was all four dogs, not just three of them. And the puppies are gone to homes already and not euthanized. Per the head woman of the Animal Control.

    SOOO the point to saying all of this is this: IT IS NOT the fault of the animals. IT IS NOT the fault of the owner. IT IS a HORRIBLE situation that shouldn’t have happened. The dogs were/are protective. The girl was a stranger standing in THEIR yard in THEIR sight. They were protecting their domain. BUUTT animals should not be used as weapons. They mans son should maybe have not left his friends alone to go in to the house with the dogs not locked up and him or his dad not there. But its not his fault either. Its a very bad sequence of events that no one expected. The dogs are being punished because they weren’t taught any different (your dog should not be trained to attack someone just standing in your yard, whether they are a stranger or not) and the owner is being punished for his animals lack of training. And not only (relayed from the woman in charge of AC) did they attack her, they didn’t stop. One neighbor grabbed bricks to throw at the animals because all were too terrified to jump into the fight themselves, which is understandable.

    Personally, I do not think these animals should be euthanized, but I don’t necessarily think they should be back in a home that allows them to behave that way.

    Im not looking to start any arguements either, I am just telling my opinion, NONE of this is fact by my eyes, just what I have heard from the Animal Control. Also, I am not on the side of them either. Nor the owner. Im on the dogs side. Bad owners make bad dogs.

  7. JoAnn

    Such a tragedy – a mother protecting her pups and the house – she was just doing her job.

  8. Tracey E

    This is unacceptable and very upsetting. Something needs to be changed.

  9. Sarah

    I’ll sign the petition but just a heads up, who ever wrote this article needs to make sure they edit before they publish work for the public to see. I am in no way trying to be rude, but this is not good journalism let alone good grammar.

  10. Linda Frame

    This is so wrong !
    Release the dogs who were doing what they are supposed too. Arrest the teenagers for breaking and entering which they were not supposed to be doing.

  11. Joanne

    I would like to first thank you for making all those calls in hopes of helping these dogs. I also wanted to let you know that the women in charge of that animal control has no love for any animals and what she neglected to tell you was the fact that both of the girl who was bit and the gentlemen opening the door were never allowed into the home that day and were both told by the son of the owner and his girlfriend that they were not allowed to enter the home because of the dogs. Stating that there were new pups in the house and Mom was being protective. That was the excuse given to them because Tim had told his son that his friends were not welcome in the home. They had trouble in the past from his sons friends stealing from him. That kid that opened the door testified to the fact that they were told more then once to stay out of the home. That same animal control worker you spoke to also lied to the Mayor of Monroe and told the mayor that the son’s friend had free access to come and go in the house. She was in court when this kid testified that he had NEVER enter the home without owners present prior. The animal control person you spoke about enjoys what she does, and that is euthanizing animals. Check out their euth rate for that shelter.

  12. Colleen

    If it was an intruder shot by a gun, would the owner be held in jail for months because he was protecting their property. Boxers are not mean animals. But they are protective of home and family. What has our world coming to when we can not protect our land. Shame on that girl for breaking into that house. Has she been charged with breaking and entering???

  13. Deborah

    Cassie is partly right. Good post Cassie. However, I own 9 German Shepherds who are friendly to anyone I let in my house, but NOT if they come in without me giving the ok. I breed these dogs as family pets. BUT I certainly want them to protect me & my home if needed. I would be very ticked off if the animal control took my dogs & their puppies and gave them away. Boxers are not known for being vicious dogs. These dogs were doing EXACTLY what they should do. The teens had NO BUSINESS trying to get in the house without the owner present. If they are friends with the son & have been in the house before they should have known this.

    George, since when are you innocent until proven guilty in America?
    I do believe it is the other way around, you are guilty until proven innocent.

  14. Jennifer Arshenovitz

    This is bullshit. Mother fuckers need to stay out of people’s houses. We have something in Ohio called the Castle law that states you have the right to defend your property. I had a house broken into seven times so I got a safe and a Cane Corso. Break in now assholes, but you won’t get back out.

  15. Jennifer Arshenovitz

    Tried the link. It is not working.

  16. Karen

    This is still WRONG! It is natural instinct for a dog to protect… fault by humans! Nature is nature and any animal should & would protect its property! I own Miniature Dachshunds 12lbs & under……you better bet your hinney they will attack you if you come into my home with me not present! Especially if it is a mama dog with puppies! Once again…Natural Instinct! Those pups should have never been rehomed until this case is solved/finished! That is neglect on Animal Control for giving something away that never belonged to them in the first place! They should all be given back to their rightful owner! The friend made a HUGE mistake and paid for it dearly……lesson learned……do not enter someone’s home without them! Sounds like a bunch of rubbish from Animal Control!!! They are known liars & stretch the truth about many things so that situations favor them! I have seen it before. Yes sometimes they do good and sometimes they do everything to make it appear so! Those dogs should be with their rightful owner and the County should reimburse the owner for every penny he is out for those pups! He is the victim here and so are those poor dogs!
    And Deborah…..In this country you are innocent until proven guilty….it may not seem that way….because this country is a little messed up!!! This proves it right here!

  17. Elisabeth Blagg

    She was trespassing??? She’s lucky she was not shot!!!
    Release the innocent Boxers!!!! Lock up & euthanize the trespasser!

  18. leslie kohl

    Of course the boxer went after the intruder. She had puppies and someone was breaking into her owners house. My boxers would do the same. These kids should be punished and the dogs should be returned to the owner . Any breed would do the same, not just a boxer. But there were puppies involved and the kid shouldnt have been there.

  19. Heidi

    I am not sure what the real story is without having been there but to me it comes down to one thing, this is very wrong. Any animal is going to protect what is dear to them. A bear will protect it’s cubs, a lion will protect theirs as well, the same holds true for domesticated dogs that have canine instincts. I highly doubt the owner trained his dogs to be mean or attack. Typically all a boxer wants to do is lick you and wag it’s body around anyone who enters a home. I have people come into my home, family members, who see my boxers every few months and they don’t get attacked. So maybe those kids had a scent on them, a voice that was unusual, or even had been mean to the dogs before. The dam was making sure that her liter was safe and she would bite anyone who appeared as a threat. I for the first time help my boxer whelp a liter. For our other two boxers I waited weeks before I even let them close to the pups. When the pups were old enough for outside time, the mother would bark at anyone who walked past our house. I really hope that the MC AC is not seriously charging Tim $3000 to get his boxers back. That is ludicrous. He never wanted them taken and has been trying to get them back. It seems like AC is trying to make some money off of this whole situation. I have three adult boxers on some premium dog food at $100 a month. So he has three which eat a little more so even at $150 at 8 months that would be about $1200. I am sure AC doesn’t feed premium dog food. I know there is heat, electric, water, but all the dogs use it so how do you divide that up? Just give Tim his dogs back! Does anyone know how hard life would be to have your boxers taken out your home? He shouldn’t have to pay a dime. He has suffered enough including his dogs. If the pups were placed then where is his money for them? I feel like this case is setting an example of just what can happen to good people and good dogs that have done nothing wrong. Is this what we as dog owners have to look forward to? If this case makes it and the dogs are put down it will become a presidence for all situations like this. The last thing I will say is my short story. Many years ago my husband and I were going to his sister’s house for a daytime birthday party. I approached the front door and began to go inside. I quickly stopped when I was greeted by a growling Rottweiler female dog. She had met me before but it didn’t matter to her. She did not have a new liter but she was protecting her house. I then knocked on the door and waited to be let in. Boxers and Rottweilers share the same group. I learned my lesson without being bitten and plan to continue waiting for entry into any home with dogs.

  20. Lisa

    This is total bullshit! The person entering the home was TRESPASSING and should be charged! The dogs here are innocent victims. They live in the house, they were guarding the house….IT IS ILLEGAL TO TRESPASS! The facts are so clear here, what the hell? If these dogs are killed, there will be an uprising from the public, and there damn well should be. Put those poor dogs back with their dare you take them from their home? I have a doberman and if you enter my house, she will scare the crap out of you, but my mini aussie will rip you to shreds!

  21. James Medearis

    I can’t believe a person can spend so much time in school to come out that stupid. Lawyers and Judges are a lot of our problems with letting people to get away with unlawful acts that they get hurt doing. Isn’t it common sense that if you do something against the law you should suffer the consequences. Oh ya, common sense has lost it effectiveness. It is something that we have lost.

  22. terri houston

    the dog was doing what any man would do if some one was trespassing on his property.he would protect his family.she was protecting hers.Ask the men at the pound what would they do if he thought some one was going to harm him or his family.

  23. Errol Gilbert

    This is wrong and they were doing their job, shes lucky she only got bit, come into my house sneaking and your shot. So what the hell are they thinking a lawsuit also, this is bull and these pups did nothing wrong. Just be glad your not dead and don’t do it again, lesson learned.

  24. Craig

    So you’re saying it’s legal for a homeowner to shoot an intruder, potentially killing them, to protect their home, but it’s not ok for a dog to protect its owner and his or her belongings? This is ridiculous. I pride myself in the fact that my dogs are the sweetest dogs one could ask for. When someone knocks on the door, hell yes they bark and growl and I encourage them to do so until I tell them everything is ok. The law doesn’t understand how much security a family can feel by having their dogs protect their home.

    As far as I’m concerned these officials can burn in hell for not having a heart, brain, or any kind of compassion for these animals. If a life is so easy for them to take, I’m curious to see their home situation and how their own family is raised.

    This situation is repulsive and needs to be adressed. Perhaps the ASPCA won’t have the funds to run those “sad ads” once the national public really understands their true beliefs; take happy animals out of happy homes and destroy their lives and their families life’s because someone broke into THEIR home.

  25. juanita

    This all boils down to responsibility. The owner of the dogs was responsible. The dogs were in his home behind closed doors the kids were entering the home with out permission ,trespassing ,the kids are responsible for what happened.

  26. Vickie Cook

    This is an outrage. She had no business being on someone’s property without being invited. The dogs should not be made to suffer!

  27. DR J STONE




  28. Kerri R

    These dogs should be returned to their owners. They were just doing what any dog would do and that is to protect/defend their property. The kids were doing the illegal thing trying to enter the property.
    What is their punishment?

  29. Nikki

    In response to Cassie’s post about the head if animal controls response. This is interesting .. I think that’s the third story from ac I’ve heard in the last 24 hrs. But I guess if the girl can’t keep her story straight how can anyone else? The owner was not home and neither was the son. As stated in other articles where it was said that owner was home. Then he wasn’t but his son was then ok his son wasn’t home but we were entering home to get a drink and the other wad to use the restroom. C’mon how can I see this and our elected officials who are supposed to be smart not see it? It’s wrong she tresspassed and while I feel terribly for her she put herself in the situation. Don’t enter someone’s home while they aren’t there. Esp after bring instructed specifically not to! These dogs will die and the owner will likely go to jail because of this. Because someone did sobering they shouldn’t have and are covering it up.
    Also it’s my understanding many nonprofit groups including SPCA are trying to help. Monroe officials aren’t listening

  30. douglas ayers

    you people must have your heads in your pooters. even tim has said the girl was not trying to break into the house. she was invited to the home and was standing in the front yard, when the dogs ran through the door and attacked. but if it suits your cause better you will certainly twist the truth to get your way. mind you i beleive the dogs should be spared but not at the price of truth. from monroe

  31. G

    I live in Monroe. We have a responsibility as citizens to keep our streets safe for ourselves and each other. Vicious dogs have no place in a peaceful society. A dog attacks someone, the dog is put down. That’s how the civilized world works. As precious as animals are, human life is more precious.

    If you want to live in a place where dangerous animals are free to attack children, please do. Monroe County is boring, lame, has no culture or nightlife to speak of — these are all good enough reasons to hate on us. But don’t be hating us because we’re smart enough to know that dangerous beasts have to be put down. Might want to start minding your own.

    PS The puppies will be adopted out. Let’s hope their owners have enough sense to properly train and supervise them.

  32. G

    Teens who are hanging out outside a friends’ house and walk inside to use the bathroom or get a drink are not bringing the rot of Detroit down to Monroe. The low-income housing complexes have done that quite nicely. People who keep vicious dogs are doing their part, too. No, Dr. J Stone, Monroe doing away with vicious animals will go a long way in seeing that we DON’T become more like Detroit.

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