Top Ten Reasons I love having a Home Based Business

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Top Ten Reasons I love having a Home Based Business

By Carolyn Walker


  1. I am my own boss, which means I get to choose my own work hours, which means sometimes I can work crazy hours, across various time zones. “Are you kidding me, really, its 4 am in Hawaii? Sorry! Go back to sleep!
  2. I am my own boss, which means I can “hire”- as in choose- who I want to work with.
  3. I am my own boss, which means I don’t have to ask for time off. It’s a beautiful day-perfect for a round of golf.
  4. I am my own boss, which means I can travel when and where I choose and for how long I choose to be gone-if it develops into work, portions may be tax deductible. I am seriously looking for business partners in golf, sailing and skiing meccas!
  5. I can work around my family obligations-“I know you hear me laughing and having a good time, but I really am working..!”
  6. I have a very short commute—about 20 steps from the kitchen to my office
  7. I can run my business in my pajamas from my home office if I want to—significantly cuts down on the office wardrobe
  8. My business is willable- my kids celebrate all my business successes!!
  9. I can build a significant residual income for retirement  that will pay me over the years

10. Deductions, deductions, deductions! My cell phone is a business expense, thus tax deductible—what about yours?

In short, my business with Nerium International provides all of the above benefits, saves me money on my taxes, allows me to work and travel with my friends- both new and old and helps me look my best with their clinically documented- on average 20-40% improvement- in my skin. Now, what is there Not to Love?!!

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