Cosmetic Breakthrough in Hot Anti-aging Market

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Cosmetic Breakthrough in Hot Anti-aging Market

by Betsy Smith


Imagine a biotech company doing research at MD Anderson and accidentally discovering that their NEA-8 extract from the Nerium Oleander plant improves the appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, skin texture and aging or sun damage.  Science meets cosmetics.

Nerium Biotech created a division called Nerium Skin Care to do clinical trials and develop additional products.  The first to market, Nerium AD anti-aging skin night cream that is ONE step has been independently clinically proven to improve the average person’s skin by 30%!  And it is so easy.  Put it on at night.  Rinse off in the morning and your skin feels like silk.

As Jeff Olson said, we bet the entire company  the REAL RESULTS from real people! We literally have a flyer when you receive your product that says STOP.  Do not use on your face until you have taken a before picture.  And now just one year into it the before and after pictures are the best marketing tool we have.

The best part is that because we have control from seed of the oleander plant to seal of the product the price point is a third of the price of competitors in the industry against products with a fraction of the results.

As we like to say, try it and you will like it.  With a 30 day money back guarantee we back up those words.  And as a business opportunity in the relationship marketing world it is a dream come true.

We have the ability to do some things that no other company to date would be able to do.  We stock your inventory for free with our Nerium gives back program!  We literally send you a brand new bottle every time you start a new customer or Brand Partner.  And once you find 3 preferred customers your monthly shipment of the product is FREE.  Imagine a business with virtually NO overhead and where your inventory is being sent to you for free?

Jeff Olson calls that The Last Run Club.  A unique product line with a never before been done business plan.  Because the product works, it networks and Nerium International is already in momentum with just one product and only in the US so far.  Plans to open up many more countries make the timing of this a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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