Big Help

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We amble down the hall to the shower
Me in the lead
you with your walker
Smudge in the middle
tail high purr rumbling

I soap and scrub and rinse you
dodge flying water-drops
Trip over the cat
her nose poked in watching the show

A quick rub-down with towel and lotion
undies and shirt pulled on shivering frame
then the procession walks in reverse
back down the hall

Side by side we sit on your bed
Smudge in the middle
tummy exposed paws in the air
purr rumbling

Trousers tugged up shoes crammed on
we rest before tackling breakfast
Smudge plops on my lap
then fancies yours
Basks in the glow of all that assistance

About the Author

Patricia Wellingham-Jones is a former psychology researcher and writer/editor with an interest in healing writing and the benefits of writing and reading work together. Widely published in poetry and nonfiction, she writes for the review department of Recovering the Self: a journal of hope and healing and has ten chapbooks of poetry.

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