Optimal Selling – A Compelling Business Resource

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Optimal Selling - A Compelling Business Resource


The “Make-The-Sale” series, by Dan Caramanico and Marie Maguire, is an outstanding way for salespeople to learn what the difference is between ‘good’ sales techniques and ‘bad’ in this new business world. With this guide, readers will be able to study the ins and outs of the conversations had by an Optimal Salesperson when they ‘hunt’ for their customer’s reasons for buying a product and/or service.


As we know, we’re in an economic upheaval that has just begun to show signs of balancing out. What may come in the future is anyone’s guess. Our society is very much a technologically based realm where consumers head to a keyboard instead of an office when it comes to purchasing products. But, salespeople are necessary! And being a great one – an optimal one – is the key to success.


Opening with “Quincy,” a man who is a literal quoting machine, businesspeople see that even though he can quote like a fiend, research a prospect to the extreme, and find referrals in an instant, he still suffers extremely low production. Hence, he is the man for the preliminaries, but when it comes to selling the product and closing the deal, he is at a loss.


This book literally walks the steps and offers the key techniques on how to understand when a buyer actually NEEDS to buy! Unlike other business books, this goes beyond the norm because the writers have not simply generalized the situation. Such as, they do not simply say all salespeople are the same and by simply doing “this,” you’ll have your dream job, fancy house, etc.. What they do offer are crystal-clear examples that can be used by various backgrounds and attitudes of current and future salespeople. Everything from being able to read a prospect’s body language to being able to take note of the little things that appear in conversations in order to discover what a prospect’s long term problem may be – this book has it all.


Like a sleuth finding the clues to the mystery of what their clients need, this book instructs a salesperson on how to anticipate the need and then ask direct questions – the hard questions – so that the buyer knows they completely understand the issues and want to help…not just make the sale.


This title in the “Make-The-Sales” series will have the business world opening their eyes to the ‘right’ way when it comes to producing successful sales.



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