Katie Alender Offers Another Killer Story in the “Bad Girls Don’t Die” Series with As Dead as it Gets

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Katie Alender Offers Another Killer Story in the “Bad Girls Don’t Die” Series with As Dead as it Gets


By Amy Lignor

This series has been a solid ‘hit’ from Book One, and each and every step of the way seems to get better and better.

With this newest tale, we are right back with the ‘girls’ who – once upon a time – decided to use a bit of magic and power in order to become part of the ‘in’ crowd. Alexis is the one who readers are focused on, as she tries to deal with the fact that she witnessed Lydia Small’s death at the hands of some truly supernatural powers. Although most people believe that Alexis was actually a killer in this scenario, the truth is far worse.

Not only is Alexis being stalked by Lydia’s ghost, she is also seeing yellow roses appear – Lydia’s signature flower – to let Alexis know that she’s planning her revenge. Girls are soon disappearing, with  rose left behind for others to find, but is Lydia the mastermind behind everything?

Not only must Alexis find a way to watch over her little sister, but she also faces falling in love (on the rebound) with a boy who is most definitely not what he seems to be. Add in the fact that Alexis can no longer even pick up her beloved camera because of all the rotting and decaying bodies she now sees appearing in the lens – and you have a girl who must remain super strong in order to find and solve the mystery of a murderer who could be either dead…or alive.

From word one, the reader will be hooked. It’s so good, in fact, readers should head back to the beginning of this series in order to not miss a single minute of the ‘magic’ that brought Alexis and her friends to this point in time. Best part? This series isn’t over. Although some things are solved, there are still many characters – as well as an odd Agent – who Alexis still has scurrying around in her life. It will be a true joy to watch this whole thing play out!

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