Food and Fun Evening for Helping Vulnerable Cats in SC

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P.A.C.T Foundation invites all to enjoy a food and fun event on October 26th at Mykonos (behind Planet Hollywood) in Myrtle Beach.

You are invited to join us in a night of fun food! Join us on Friday, October 26th, 7 pm, to help bring awareness to the plight our animal friends endure when they have been abandoned, wounded, or separated from their family. The evening will unfold at:


Greek and Italian Cuisine

1002 29th Ave N

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Proceeds go to help fund the following animal rescue locations:

  • P.A.C.T. Rescue
  • Whisker’s Animal Rescue & Sanctuary
  • Juliet’s House

For More Information, call: 917-306-4205 or visit

About P.A.C.T Rescue

P.A.C.T Foundation is devoted to helping rescuing cats in need from high kill facilities and shelters. We primarily concentrate on rescuing cats and kittens in SC and NC states, occasionally performing out of state rescues as well. We had been rescuing cats for over two years by re-homing them, providing medical care, vaccinating, finding permanent homes for all of them, transporting to other rescues or homes, cross posting and advertising in local magazines and animal related network. Our main interest is to promote responsible guardianship of domestic animals and advocate a compassionate and ethical treatment of all animals. We actively enforce spaying and neutering of animals in our community. Our mission is to promote adoption and provide temporary or long-term housing for abused, abandoned, sick, neglected and scheduled for euthanasia animals until their permanent home can be obtained. We love every animal we save and consider them our family.

Visit us online at 

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